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Kandrakar (sometimes spelled Candracar) is a fictional world in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and the TV series. It is an ethereal realm at the center of the universe and the heart of infinity, existing beyond both time and space; a vast nothingness, where the most powerful spirits and creatures reside, led by the Oracle.

Kandrakar when Yan Lin becomes the new Oracle



Kandrakar: Long ago, this place was created to house those whose task is to watch over other worlds and dimensions...

Kandrakar was created in the early days of the universe to serve as a home to those whose task it was to protect creation.[citation needed] The nymph, Xin Jing, of the elements, Oneide, nymph of life, Téa, nymph of the sun, Ebla, nymph of the moon and N'ghala, nymph of the stars created Kandrakar. N'ghala became the first Oracle.[1]

When the universe is threatened, the ruler of Kandrakar, a benevolent spirit named the Oracle summons the Guardians, whose mission it is to protect all worlds including their own.[citation needed]

The fortress of Kandrakar is not immune to trickery or attack: as shown in the finale of the second story arc, Nerissa manages to bypass its defenses (defenses made from the elements), thanks to the Heart of Kandrakar and also drown the fortress in pure evil, a black tar that the Heart leaked at her command.[2] Endarno, then possessed by Phobos, also showed that the Congregation can be manipulated as he turned it against the Oracle and ruled them through fear.[3]

TV series

Kandrakar in the TV series.

The Guardians learned of Kandrakar when they were all were at Cornelia's flat and a purple portal appeared. The Guardians united and went through the portal to find a floating Fortress and everything was purple including the sky. Yan Lin, the Mage, Elyon, Blunk and Caleb also joined the Guardians for a tour of the Fortress. The Veil at the same time was also lifted and the sky turned blue and the fortress to its normal colors.[4]

The Guardians frequently went to Kandrakar for answers, such as why their powers had improved and become stronger.[citation needed]

The Fortress was badly damaged and nearly in ruins in after the Knights of Destruction led an attack on the Fortress badly damaging it while Nerissa (Glamoured as the Mage) sealed the Council of Kandrakar (except Luba) inside a purple bubble, which is a smaller Veil, but could be unlocked by the Heart of Meridian, which Nerissa had.[5]

Cedric managed to conquer Kandrakar,[6] but was retaken when the Rebels managed to repel the Lurdens and the remaining Knights of Vengeance. The Council was freed from the Veil and began working on rebuilding the Kandrakar Fortress again.[7]


At the center of Kandrakar is the Temple of the Congregation where the Oracle and the members of the Council of Kandrakar reside. The Temple also serves as a fortress. At the heart of the Temple is the mile-high shaft where the Oracle resides at the center of a vast lily pond in which he can observe the entirety of creation.[citation needed]

Perhaps the most sacred place in the enchanted fortress is the Room of the Auras, which contains the Aurameres: floating drops of different colors, representing the five Guardians. Luba, the Keeper of the Aurameres, has, on different occasions, displayed the ability to directly affect the powers of the Guardians through manipulation of the Aurameres which culminated in the creation of an Altermere (a creature of pure elemental energy) that subsequently awakened Nerissa.[8]

Congregation of Kandrakar

The Congregation or Council of Kandrakar's job is to look over the universe and protect it from evil.[citation needed]

Some members of the Council/Congregation of Kandrakar, such as Yan Lin, are human, but many others are not, as seen by the Guardians after the demise of Nerissa.

  • The Oracle – The Oracle and leader of Kandrakar possesses omnipotent powers and omniscient knowledge enabling them to watch and protect the universe.[citation needed] The Oracle for the majority of the series is named Himerish, a wise and just individual who gave the girls their powers. He is literally the God of the universe and has existed since the beginning of time itself.[citation needed] He possesses unimaginable powers, including the ability to tear down the Veil in seconds while Prince Phobos was unable to for over years, possibly centuries, even.[9] He does not ever need to walk, because he is able to levitate, and has the job as Oracle to watch over other worlds and dimensions and has observed billions of lives.[citation needed] His omnipotent abilities also enable him to delve into the minds of others, feeling their emotions and feelings.[citation needed] He can also observe others by conjuring an emerald screen that can display anyone or anything he wills it to,[citation needed] and can materialize anything he wants, such as the photograph of W.I.T.C.H. and Elyon together during the Halloween party seconds after it was taken.[10] The Oracle is also capable of gazing into the future, though he never uses this useful ability to predict the actions, and thus counteract the forces of, future foes,[citation needed] and even permitted Cassidy to be killed by Nerissa.[11] The Oracle is also able to erase the memories of others, such as when he did so the Guardians to cloud their memories of Nerissa and Caleb.[12]
  • Tibor – The Oracle's faithful adviser who believes 100% in the Oracle's abilities. He has been with the Oracle for centuries and often argues with Luba.[citation needed] Irma said once when they visited Kandrakar, that Tibor looked like Santa Claus.[citation needed]
  • Yan Lin – Hay Lin's grandmother and a member of the Congregation in the comics. She offers advice and words of wisdom to the girls when they need it. She was the previous Guardian of Air and the only member of C.H.Y.K.N. to remain faithful to the Oracle, which saddens him.[citation needed] She is the only one who truly understands the power of Nerissa.[citation needed] At the end of the New Power arc in the comics, she is chosen as the next Oracle.[13]
  • Luba – The first custodian of the Aurameres. She was against the Oracle's decision of giving the job of Guardianship to young, inexperienced Earth teenagers.[citation needed] She caused a lot of trouble for the girls by fusing the Aurameres together on purpose.[14] She was then put on trial. During the Guardians' battle against Nerissa, Nerissa used Luba for her plans. Luba also sacrificed her life for the Guardians.[12] Luba was aggressive at times, but also proved to be kind. She had a catlike face and reached the age of about 10013 years before she died. Luba was also the one who taught Orube all she knew, a fact disclosed to the Guardians by the Oracle.[citation needed]
  • Caleb – The ex-Herald of Kandrakar and Cornelia's former lover. He came into Kandrakar's service as the Herald of Kandrakar in order to give Cornelia her power of earth back.[15] After the battle of Nerissa, he left Cornelia on Earth to return to Meridian.[16]
  • Halinor (TV series only) - a former Guardian
  • The Mage (part-time, TV series only)

Minor Congregation members

  • Bolgo – An elfin old man that inquired if the Oracle meant Kandrakar should intervene during the final battle against Phobos. He also discussed the Oracle's decision to simply wait and see "how events unfold" with several other Council Members, including Luba and Althor.[9]
  • Althor – An old man that bears some resemblance to an elf or a dwarf that who asked the Oracle who shall be the new Guardians,[10] and next appeared during the battle against Phobos, listening to Bolgo when he discussed the Oracle's decision to simply wait and see "how events unfold".[9]
  • As-Sharwa – One of the oldest and wisest of the inhabitants of Kandrakar, and the elected Voice of the Congregation.[citation needed] He has an elongated forehead tattooed with mystical runes, and long gray hair, along with many wrinkles. He, representing the Council, informed the Oracle that the Congregation, that they do not wish to use the destructive power of the mighty force called the Resonance to counteract Nerissa's attacks on Kandrakar, as the results might be catastrophic for Kandrakar as well as Nerissa, but the Oracle insisted that they do activate the Resonance, as it may be their last hope.[17]
  • Aracno – The Congregation's master tailor: he's a spider-like creature who prepared ceremonial dresses for the W.I.T.C.H. during their quest to become Magical Sovereigns. There is a recurring gag that Irma finds the dresses he prepares for her not only of the wrong size, but also very uncomfortable to wear.

There were meant to more members of the Council of Kandrakar, that were planned to be introduced in the planned third season of the TV series.[citation needed]


Main article: Guardian

Kandrakar also has its own Guardians to help accomplish their task and protect the universe from harm.

The Guardians also have a leader who holds the Heart of Kandrakar itself, which transforms them and enhances their powers from the Aurameres.

Former Guardians

Main article: C.H.Y.K.N.

Before the time of W.I.T.C.H., Kandrakar had five other Guardians of their own time. Then they were: Nerissa, Cassidy, Halinor, Kadma, and Yan Lin, Hay Lin's paternal grandmother.

Nerissa used to be the Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, but she became too attached to its power. It was then the Oracle realized that she was no longer worthy of keeping it; so he handed over the Heart to Cassidy. Blinded with jealousy, Nerissa murdered Cassidy.[11]

Kadma and Halinor found out about this and discovered that the Oracle also knew it would happen. In anger and pain over their grief, Kadma and Halinor got angry at the Oracle, causing them to be casted away from being the Guardians, and not being able to become to be the members of the Council once they die, as they had challenged the Oracle's decisions. Only Yan Lin stayed loyal, but remained friends with the Halinor and Kadma, and became a member of the Council of Elders.[11]

Travel to Kandrakar


The only methods to reach it is if the Oracle summons one or the Keeper of the Heart chooses to use the Heart to transport someone there, though it seems that the Oracle must first give his permission, or even the Heart cannot bring anyone there.[citation needed]

Even without the aid of the Heart, the Guardians are able to send someone there, as shown when Will and the other Guardians transported Luba there without tapping into the Heart's power[18] and when Cornelia brought Galgheita there while she herself stayed on Earth.[16] Hay Lin also stated once that her grandmother Yan Lin told her the only way to get to Kandrakar is to cross an air-colored bridge,[19] though none of the characters in the comic or the TV series so far has ever used this particular method.

Kandrakar is a threshold to all other universes, and if evil was to cross its magical defenses, chaos would be unleashed throughout the entire universe and evil would roam free unchecked.[citation needed]

TV series

Like travel to other worlds in the TV series, it is possible to travel to Kandrakar by either portal or by fold.[4]

Name change

In the original Italian comics, the name was spelled "Kandrakar" but in many official English translations until 2008, the name was spelled "Candracar". During the development of the TV series, it was brought up that the name was similar to "Kandahar", where at the time conflict was taking place, so ten episodes in, the name was changed to "Candracar".[20]