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Karmilla is a fictional character in the comics.

She is a famous rock singer and one of Irma Lair's idols to the extent she is willing to do anything to see her. Her choreographer, Kevin Jensen, owns a dancing school in Heatherfield attended by Taranee Cook.[1]


Karmilla held a concert in the Heatherfield Stadium: at one point, Will and Cedric appeared on the stage and battled against each other, but Karmilla and her band, despite being confused by the event, continued playing and the audience believed it all to be a special effect.[2]

Karmilla returned to Heatherfield to find a substitute for her injured guitarist, and thanks to Sheila Jensen, she found him in Matt Olsen. Before her departure, she personally gave Irma her new CD complete with an autograph.[3]

Her new concert in Heatherfield became the occasion for the final fight between W.I.T.C.H. and Edward Folkner and his Ragorlang: luckily, she could start only after the girls won because Matt could not come there before. On that occasion, Sheila, Taranee and Luke, together with the other students of Jensen Dance Academy, opened the concert with a dance number.[4]