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Kevin Jensen is the owner of Jensen Dance Academy and the father of Sheila Jensen. He is Karmilla's choreographer and she is close with their family.[1]


Kevin's wife and Sheila's mother died and he has moved them around the world following famous celebrities until he settled down in Heatherfield.[2] Kevin chose Heatherfield because it's his late wife's birthplace.[1]

Kevin opened his school, and at the opening party he met Irma and Taranee and introduced them to Sheila, hoping to lighten her daughter's mood and making them friends. Later, he witnessed Taranee's talent and encouraged her to not give up dance.[1] Kevin and Sheila made amends with each other, with the girl revealing she finally feels home.[2] The W.I.T.C.H. girls discovered that Kevin was giving Ms. Knickerbocher dancing lessons.[3]

Kevin and Karmilla were briefly reunited when she needed to find a replacement for one of her band members, and came to Jensen Dance Academy for a place to sort the candidates out.[4]