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The Knights of Destruction, also known as the four Knights of Revenge, are a band of Nerissa's minions.


Nerissa and the Knights of Destruction.



In the comics, to create her four Knights of Revenge, Nerissa first created Khor using the dog, Miska, who wandered into her tomb on Mount Thanos.[1] Nerissa then used ice and despair to create Tridart and lava and pain to create Embers. She later used Miska's owner, who was looking for his dog, and her hatred to create Shagon.[2]

TV series

Nerissa's Emblem, The Emblem and Symbol of the Knights of Destruction and the Knights of Vengeance

In the TV series, the Knights of Destruction were created by Nerissa who used Matt to make Shagon and Mr. Huggles to make Khor, and Tridart and Ember are made of respectively ice and lava. Shagon enjoyed making Will hate him more every day, Just as Shagon's target is Will, Tridart targeted Hay Lin, Ember targeted Irma, and Khor targeted Taranee.[3]


  • In the TV series, Shagon and Khor were Matt's and Mr. Huggles.
  • The Knights of Destruction/Four Knights of Revenge function very similar to the Horsemen of Apocalypse from Marvel Comics.