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The Knights of Vengeance are a group of villains who worked for Phobos and later Nerissa only to be betrayed by her in the W.I.T.C.H. TV series. They were the primary antagonists for the first half for Season 2, where, with the help of Nerissa, they planned numerous attacks on Meridian and the Guardians.



Fall of Phobos

The Knights of Vengeance were a group of warriors who were originally underlings for Prince Phobos during his reign. After Phobos' incarceration, Nerissa gathered them as her henchmen, the Knights of Vengeance. Their objective was to restore Phobos to the throne and destroy Elyon, the Guardians and the Rebels.[citation needed] After Phobos's breakout and attack on the palace, Elyon locked them up in their cells along with Phobos.[1]

Nerissa's return

They came back when Phobos was released by the Guardians to help them get the Seal of Nerissa, but betrayed them[2] and instead used the Seal for another attack on the palace, in which the Knights of Vengeance assisted.[3] Phobos, Miranda, Frost and Crimson were locked up again. Raythor, Sandpit and Gargoyle switched allegiances and helped protect the Palace. The Tracker was killed[4] and Sniffer probably locked up again.