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L is for Loser is the twelfth episode of season 2, and the thirty-eighth episode overall of the TV series.


Nerissa kidnapped Matt and Mr. Huggles and used quintessence to add them to her new Knights of Destruction as Shagon and Khor. She also created Tridart and Ember out of ice and lava, respectively.

Meanwhile, Irma was faced with losing the friendship of her classmate, Martin Tubbs.

In the B-story, the radio station K-Ship started up at Sheffield Institute and the members of the K-Ship team are Irma, Martin, Uriah and Bess and Courtney Grumper.

Behind the scenes


Oh Irma, you gave me a piece of your bacon, I saved it till May. Oh Irma, when you threw that eraser you [inaudible] my heart. Oh Irma...

—Martin [singing], to Irma on-air

Hi... um, well, everybody knows about... yesterday. Martin, I was awful. I said some things I didn't mean, just to hurt you. I don't expect forgiveness, but I truly am sorry. And if you're not in my life, I'll be the real loser.

—Irma, to Martin on-air


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 5 in the season to focus on Irma Lair.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of all of the Knights of Destruction as well as Andrew Hornby, who was first mentioned in C is for Changes.
  • Starting with this episode, Will says "quintessence" when transforming as she now knows the power's name.
  • When on the radio, Irma refered to herself as "Lair on the Air".
  • At the end of the episode, Martin left Irma a note in her locker saying "You'll never be a loser.", meaning that he forgave her. The two continued to be good friends and she treated him noticeably better, especially whilst setting up the Vance Michael Justin concert in O is for Obedience.
  • K-Ship was made possible by the bankruptcy of Heatherfield radio station KDRIP, which donated its equipment to the school. KDRIP was seen and heard in The Mudslugs, in which Will briefly took over its frequency. Whether this incident contributed to the station's bankruptcy is unknown.
  • All of the members of the K-Ship team were also on the school newspaper team in Stop the Presses.