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Lady Crash is a main villain of Issue 123 in Arc 10: Ladies vs. W.I.T.C.H., along with her sisters Lady Giga and Lady Kimikal. She is also known as the Queen of Cars.


Lady Crash’s original personality is self-confident and commanding, expecting to get her way every time. She is an expert in understanding her enemies and strategizing, more than willing to threaten the weak for her own purposes. She gladly proclaims herself queen of all cars, gloating of how automobiles obey her every command. When things don’t go her way, she becomes enraged. She declares that Giga is her younger sister, implying Crash is the middle sibling of the Ladies.[1]

After merging with Lady Kimikal, Crash loses her individual personality and thought, only mirroring Kimikal's words and emotions.[2]


It isn’t clear where the Ladies came from, but they had a grand scheme to rule the world until Kimikal and Crash were somehow decommissioned. It isn’t explained what happened to them, but both lost their physical bodies and needed to be “awakened”. Lady Giga escaped such a fate and instead hid herself in the world’s electronics, biding her time until she found a way to free her older sisters. It’s hinted that her survival was part of Kimikal’s master plan for their comeback.[2] Giga became aware of W.I.T.C.H. and after catching them, she used their powers to awaken Crash. She was ultimately defeated by the Guardians and her materialized body damaged beyond use, but she had succeeded in freeing Crash.[3]

Crash set off on her own to capture W.I.T.C.H., with hints suggesting this was part of Kimikal’s master plan whether she succeeded or not.[2] Slinking through the woods she came across a gas station where Cornelia Hale and Peter Cook were refueling his car. Once they left, Crash stole gasoline that another customer had already paid for to feed herself. With her energy renewed, she could take on her form of a car, as well as take control of every vehicle in Heatherfield.[1]

Crash tracked down Cornelia to her grandmother’s house and lured the girl outside, then dragged her into Crash’s car body and sped away. The Guardian quickly transformed, ready to smash her way out, but Crash reminded her that at the speed they were traveling, a wreck would hurt Cornelia or any bystanders so girl could do nothing. A patrol car saw them speeding and tried to chase after, but the vehicle would not move, obeying Crash’s command to trap its riders and hold them hostage. With this display of her full control, she knocked Cornelia out and continued to carry her further out of town. Cornelia managed to telepathically call for the other Guardians to find her, but this was also part of Crash’s plan as she used the imprisoned drivers of Heatherfield to blackmail W.I.T.C.H. She ordered them to enter her car along with Cornelia, unaware that Irma Lair had caught her dress in the door which kept it from locking properly.[1]

With the Guardians now in her clutches, Crash stole their elemental powers one by one to fuel her car body. Right before she could take Cornelia’s power, the girls escaped the car thanks to the tripped lock. With no need of the others, Crash took off after a fleeing Cornelia, bypassing all her roots and rocks while attacking the girl with the stolen elements of her teammates. She eventually weakened her enough to catch er again, but was stopped by the arrival of Peter’s car, Bugg, which had a mind of its own. To Crash’s surprise, Bug disobeyed her order to stand down and fought back against the queen of cars long enough for Cornelia to escape. Crash knocked Bug aside and tried to catch Cornelia again but by that point, Crash was running out go fuel. She rushed to a gas station but the machines were electronic and would not work without money. Unable to feed her over-powered form, Crash’s body disintegrated, though she was still alive.[1]

Only after both of her sisters were defeated could Kimikal reawaken and she merged their remains into herself. This let them join her in attacking W.I.T.C.H. again, though Crash and Giga lost their individual minds while assimilating into their eldest sister. With their added strength, Kimikal took over the Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H. bus and captured the Guardians, Kandor, and a few of their students. They drained the powers of W.I.T.C.H. and were strong enough to take over the entire world. However, they became greedy and took the unneeded extra powers of the Guardians’ child students. This proved their undoing as they took the power of young Laura’s forcefield but didn’t know how to deactivate it. All their stolen abilities built up within the bubble and they ultimately imploded, releasing their stolen powers and destroying all three of them for good.[2]

Powers and abilities

Crash can change her body into a car, giving her greater endurance and speed. She has the power to control all cars and have them act to her will, calling them her "sisters". After stealing the elemental powers of Will Vandom, Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, and Hay Lin, she can use forms of their abilities, though not as powerful.[1]

She only has as much physical strength as any sports car could possess, stopped in her tracks when a car of equal power gets in her way. For this reason, she must rely on blackmail and trickery. Her greatest weakness is that she must fuel her body with gasoline and if she can't gain access to it immediately, she will burn herself out to the point that she disintegrates.[1]


Lady Crash is the sister of Lady Giga and Lady Kimikal.[2]


  • Lady Crash is one of the few villains to be genetically related to another character and her bond with her sisters makes her one of the reasons not every issue from Arc 10 was self contained.