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Lady Kimikal is a main villain of Issue 126 in Arc 10: Ladies vs. W.I.T.C.H., along with her sisters Lady Giga and Lady Crash. Lady Kimikal is the last of the 'ladies' that the Guardians have to face.


Kimikal is merciless and flamboyant; she enjoys mocking and toying with her enemies before beating them.[1] It is implied that she is the eldest of the Ladies.[2]


It isn’t clear where the Ladies came from, but they had a grand scheme to rule the world until Kimikal and Crash were somehow decommissioned. It isn’t explained what happened to them, but both lost their physical bodies and needed to be “awakened”. Lady Giga escaped such a fate and instead hid herself in the world’s electronics, biding her time until she found a way to free her older sisters. It’s hinted that her survival was part of Kimikal’s master plan for their comeback.[3] Giga became aware of W.I.T.C.H. and after catching them, she used their powers to awaken Crash. She was ultimately defeated by the Guardians and her materialized body damaged beyond use, but she had succeeded in freeing Crash.[1] Crash tried to attack W.I.T.C.H. as well but like the youngest sister, was defeated and lost her physical body.[2]

Only after both of her sisters were defeated could Kimikal reawaken and she merged their remains into herself. Crash and Giga lost their individual minds while assimilating into their eldest sister, but they added to her strength. Kimikal located the Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H. bus and merged herself into it, hiding and waiting. Once Will Vandom was alone in the bus with a few students and Kandor, Kimikal chose this as her time to strike. She stole Will’s abilities and half-merged her to the floor to keep her trapped. She locked Kandor and the students in cages, then took on the caretaker’s appearance to find the rest of W.I.T.C.H. Kimikal used her power to change elements, mixing up the powers of the Guardians to change their abilities as well as their hair colors to confuse them.[3]

Kandor-Kimikal approached the panicked teens, talking about the bus being attacked and pretending that “he” got away to find them. W.I.T.C.H. followed “him” to the location of the bus where Kimikal finally revealed her true form to them. W.I.T.C.H. tried to fight but with their powers scrambled, they weren’t effective enough and Kimikal overpowered them. She stole all of their powers as well and locked them in cages with the others.[3]

Kimikal (and her mind-melded sisters) was pleased with all this power, already reaching out through the elements to ready an attack across the world. The students of W.I.T.C.H. tried to fight against her, but Kimikal easily stole their powers as well, adding to her collections and becoming even more powerful. The last she took was young Laura’s forcefield, able to bring up the shield bubble but unable to bring it down again. With all their new powers trapped in the bubble, the energy burned them painfully. Kimikal ordered Laura to tell how to bring the shield down, but the child refused. The energy quickly overwhelmed them and eventually, they imploded. The stolen powers all returned to their owners and the ladies were defeated once and for all.[3]

Powers and abilities

Lady Kimikal is the strongest of the ladies for her unique ability to absorb the magical talents of other creatures. Lady Kimikal also displays some other abilities though it's not stated if she also stole those from others, like shapeshifting and fusion with her other sisters. She has the ability to alter and mix the elements, letting her change what powers the Guardians possess and weaken them in battle.[3]

Her main weakness is that if she steals someone's ability, she has no instinctive understanding of it. This means that she can't control powers that are more complex and this puts her in danger of overloading.[3]


Lady Kimikal is the sister of Lady Crash and Lady Giga.[3]


  • Lady Kimikal is one of the few villains to be genetically related to another character and her bond with her sisters makes her one of the reasons not every issue from Arc 10 was self contained.