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Lara Pratcet is a minor character that appears in the Special issue The Year Before. She was one of Will's friends before she moved to Heatherfield.


Lara was one of Will's friends and classmates before she moved to Heatherfield, along with Louise and Jenny.[1]

Will was excited to see her friends again at the start of the school year, but when she greeted Lara and the others, she started hearing their thoughts. Will learned that Lara and the others had never really liked her and that they were only pretending to be her friends because they felt sorry for their parents' divorce.[1]

Saddened by this discovery, Will burst out crying and stopped being friends with Lara and the others. This experience, paired with Susan's promotion and their strangled relationship with Will's father, gave Will and Susan the idea of moving to Heatherfield.[1]

Lara is never mentioned again, but it's implied that she and Will were never on friendly terms again after that.