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A Larvek is a worm-like creature that mainly appears in the Season 1 episode The Princess Revealed. A Larvek is one of the creatures used by Phobos' army to capture runaway targets.


An adult Larvek with the Lurdens.

The Larvek resembles a large carnivorous worm with a pair of saliva dripping pincer jaws, a scorpion tail stinger, and four bright pink glowing eyes. The Larvek also has an opening on its chest that can spray a sticky goo.


The worm monster chased Caleb through a forest, though Caleb escaped by rope-swinging with a bridge rope towards a portal.[1]

The Larvek made its second assault at the Meridian market when it was brought by Lord Cedric and two Lurdens, and chased Blunk throughout the market square. However, Blunk and Vathek (who Cedric also chased) escaped through an open portal.[1]

Finally, the Larvek made its last ambush at the carnival's haunted house where it attacked Blunk, Caleb, Vathek, and W.I.T.C.H. But with teamwork, the Guardians defeated the Larvek by trapping it inside a cage composed of wooden planks from the haunted house ride.[1]

The eggs in the Hugong nesting grounds were replaced with Larvek eggs, which were set to hatch during the signing of a peace treaty, capturing the rebellion leaders under the mother Larvek's web canopy and to be eaten by the hatchlings. The ambush was triggered early by W.I.T.C.H., who defeated the hatchlings and went to warn the rebellion of the betrayal.[2]


The Larvek also has an opening on its chest that can spray a sticky goo, trapping enemies in sticky webbing on the ground or against the wall.[1] A most noticeable behavior of a Larvek is that the mother Larvek creates a large domed silk nest above the eggs, which will trap the food and prevent it from escaping. The nest is also resistant to heat.[2]


Images of Larveks.