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The Last portal (also called the thirteenth portal by fans) is a magical, permanent portal that appeared in the basement of Ye Olde Bookshop after the defeat of Johnathan Ludmoore.[1]


It has a shape resembling the Heart of Kandrakar and has the symbols of the elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire at four points around its edge, and the symbol for the undefined fifth element of energy in the centre, which is not visible when the portal is used.


In the space where the Book of Elements once sat on the Ye Olde Bookshop wall, Kandrakar placed the portal.[2]

We left Kandrakar and journeyed through the portal, traveling to Heatherfield. He was eventually found by W.I.T.C.H. and took them to the store basement to show the portal and how one could travel through it. The Oracle appeared in the portal to explain they could it to visit and communicate with Kandrakar, as well as other powers it held that they would discover in time. To protect the portal, the Guardians made the book shop basement their headquarters.[1]

Irma, Taranee, and Cornelia wanted to use the portal to keep an eye on Will and Hay Lin on their return trip to Open Hill, worried about the Ragorlang monsters. With some experimentation, the got a visual of their friends though the quality of the picture was not perfect. During the teacher's conference, they kept the portal's view on their prime suspect, Kirkner, and didn't witness Hay Lin being abducted by Karl Ibsen. When they tried to find her, the portal only showed clues about the car and the street. The three teletransported to Open Hill and with the clues, rescued their friend. Following this adventure, the Guardians left their hideout, but the portal turned itself back on, seeing the train Tecla and Karl Ibsen were taking to reach Heatherfield.[3]

Hay Lin and Taranee tried to use the portal to contact Yan Lin in Kandrakar, but due to We's presence, it showed them his family on Basiliade. On their second attempt, they were shown an image of Tecla Ibsen (due to Hay Lin's lingering fear of her) and finally a picture of the Oracle in his bath, though he manually shut the portal off in embarrassment. Yan Lin sensed this and turned the portal onto herself, warning the girls that the portal required focus and unity of thoughts to get a proper picture. When Yan Lin was suddenly disappeared this conversation, the portal changed to showing things that frightened the girls, such as lost love, failing grades, and giant spiders. The rest of W.I.T.C.H. arrived and they contacted the Oracle who confirmed that Yan Lin was missing. Further investigation proved the Singyu people to be behind it and W.I.T.C.H. used the portal to find and travel to their home world. After rescuing Yan Lin and the Singyu world, W.I.T.C.H. returned to the bookstore and Hay Lin continued calling Yan Lin through the portal every day.[4]

When Hay Lin entered the hideout to tell the others Tecla was stalking her, the portal showed them an image of Sheffield Institute and of the new school physician, Dr. Folkner, who had also scared her lately. The others convinced Hay Lin this was not a prophetic vision, but only her stress.[5]

W.I.T.C.H. made a promise to Erin Peyton to find her missing brother and took her to see the portal. When all of them focused their thoughts and trusted each other, they brought up an image of Kader and opened a passage for him to came to earth, reuniting with his sister.[6]

While W.I.T.C.H. and the Peyton siblings were searching for Tecla, the portal showed an image of ragorlangs attacking the new amusement park, prompting the heroes to stop them. After this battle, they used the portal to send the Peytons home, though promised they can use the portal to visit them at any time.[7]

The Oracle used the portal to give W.I.T.C.H. their new mission: introduce themselves to every planet Kandrakar protects. He sent them their documents and map through the portal, and W.I.T.C.H. used the device to travel around the universe.[8]

We used the inactivated portal to hang his newspaper collages though Irma made him clean it up. While the Guardians discussed the missing Grumper sisters, the portal showed the siblings image, as if it was listening. When talk changed to the suspicious Dr. Folkner, the portal showed weird pictures that seemed like commercials for bug repellent. The meaning of this was a mystery until W.I.T.C.H. snuck into Folkner's house to spy on him. Watching the man channel surf, they saw the same bug repellent commercials which was a sponsor for the beauty pageant that the Grumpers secretly entered, linking all the clues together. W.I.T.C.H. used the portal to return to their base.[9]

When Hay Lin was mutated into a ragorlang by Tecla, she fled to the W.I.T.C.H. headquarters. From there, she was summoned by Tecla and jumped through the portal to the abandoned movie theatre. This was seen by We who told W.I.T.C.H., letting them follow Hay Lin's trail through the portal and rescue her.[10]

Hay Lin used the portal to converse with Yan Lin (with We interrupting). Yan Lin told her of an upcoming event in Kandrakar and warned her not to use the portal for the next 24 hours, which Hay Lin promised. Following this, Hay Lin had a fight with We and the furry creature, in revenge, opened the portal to get her into trouble. The Oracle sensed the breech and immediately closed it, but strong magic from Kandrakar had already leaked into Heatherfield, allowing ordinary people to have their wishes granted for the day, plus giving a big power boost to Tecla.[11]

As W.I.T.C.H. were getting ready for the Karmilla concert, Yan Lin used the portal to contact We without the Oracle stopping her. She told him to bring Folkner's ragorlang trap along to the concert, suspecting they would have their final confrontation with the mutated hunter. This was the last time the portal was used or mentioned.[12]

Presumably, when Kandrakar was sealed off from the rest of the universe, the portal was closed and never reopened.[13]

Powers and abilities

It works as a means of communication with other worlds including Kandrakar.[1] The Guardians also use it to see things live at an unlimited distance,[3] and as a direct entrance to any destination.[14] The control of the portal is by thoughts which must be well controlled to avoid unwanted effects or results.[3] We showing the girls how the portal works.


  • The last portal to appear in the TV series was similar to this portal in that it varied from the regular portals and went to Kandrakar.[15]
  • It was removed when Kandrakar was sealed off from the rest of the infinite worlds in Arc 7: New Power.