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The Last portal (also called the thirteenth portal by fans) is a magical, permanent portal that appeared in the basement of Ye Olde Bookshop after the defeat of Johnathan Ludmoore.[1]


It has a shape resembling the Heart of Kandrakar and has the symbols of the elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire at four points around its edge, and the symbol for the undefined fifth element of energy in the centre, which is not visible when the portal is used.

Powers and abilities

It works as a means of communication with other worlds including Kandrakar.[1] The Guardians also use it to see things live at an unlimited distance,[2] and as a direct entrance to any destination.[3] The control of the portal is by thoughts which must be well controlled to avoid unwanted effects or results.[2] We showing the girls how the portal works.


  • A similar portal appeared in the TV series.[when?]
  • It was removed when Kandrakar was sealed off from the rest of the infinite worlds in Arc 7: New Power.