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The Laughing Tree

The Laughing Tree is the gateway to the Halloween world the realm of the nightmares in the Halloween Special Issue.


Irma told her friends the story of Lilian and Cornelia and their experience while trick-or-treating. As they approached the last house, where a woman who hates Halloween lived, they suddenly saw a mysterious forest, one that never existed in Heatherfield before. Lilian insisted on going further to the heart of the forest and Cornelia was unable to do anything to prevent her stubborn sister.[1]

In the middle of the forest, they found a large dead tree with Jack-o-Lantern fruits. All of them were lighted within. After Cornelia and Lilian left the tree, the Fairy arrived and stole the Pumpkin Heart. This alarmed the nightmares and their leader, the Pumpkin Prince, who had just come out of tree for Halloween. After the Guardians met with the Nightmares they decided to help them retrieve their heart. The Guardians defeated the Fairy and returned the stabbed Pumpkin Heart, and with it, the nightmares returned to the Laughing Tree and left. Before leaving the Pumpkin Prince promised to return next Halloween.[1]


The Oracle told Yan Lin that the whole story was from Irma's imagination. It is unknown whether the Laughing Tree or the nightmares truly exist.[1]