Dancing is like life, Hay Lin... life is a struggle... but you can't give up!

Laura Steedson was an instructor at Jensen Dance Academy.


Laura was very serious about dance and tried to incorporate it into her everyday life.


Illness and Death

Laura suddenly fell ill and took time off from work to rest at home. She was replaced at the dance academy with Pierre Ladasterre. She was attended to by a helper as her illness had weakened her greatly. To help pass her time at home, she took care of her garden daily.

She was visited by Hay Lin, who was seeking her dance advice. Laura sensed that Hay Lin was ready to give up and told her to endure. She then showed Hay Lin her outdoor garden. Laura told Hay Lin how just like nature and life, dance is an endless movement and struggle. After Hay Lin understood what she was talking about, Laura wanted her to dance in the garden. After Hay Lin hesitated, Laura danced instead and told her how the basics could help people endure pain and survive.

Hay Lin left her house several hours later but before she did, Laura gave her a task to do. She asked Hay Lin to deliver a letter to a friend for her, which Hay Lin happily accepted.

She passed away a little while later.



  • Before her illness, she was always seen wearing pink.


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