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Dancing is life, Hay Lin... but life is a fight... and we must never give up.

Issue 084: A Special Flow, Laura to Hay Lin

Laura Steedson was an dance instructor at Jensen Dance Academy.


Laura was very serious about dance and tried to incorporate it into her everyday life.[1]

She loved to garden and kept delicate plants that needed constant attention. Neighbors call her house "The House of Flowers" which she was proud of. She would often practice in the garden, not caring that everyone on the street could see her.[1]

Laura was in a relationship with famous dancer Hector Lurie, but he had to leave on tour and the two lost contact. She began to feel it better that they let the relationship go quietly, despite that she still loved him.[2]


New dance teacher

Laura was hired to the Jensen Dance Academy to take care of their business, as well as selecting new dance teams. She was introduced to W.I.T.C.H. who arrived late and rushed them along to change their outfits. Taranee Cook made a comment on her attitude which Laura, who had very good hearing, gave a snappy retort to.[3]

She started their auditions by having them show her basic steps though was critical of their limitations. They moved on to the performance piece and while the girls gave the song and dance they had created, she cut them off midway declaring she'd seen enough. She told them to get the other team in quickly. The next team she would audition was Sheila Jensen's team, though it's unknown if Sheila passed or not.[3]

Laura finally made the announcement of who passed to enter the school. She accepted everyone except Hay Lin, remarking she lacked the basics and had little agility so she wouldn’t be able to progress. The others refused to join without Hay Lin and Laura was fine with them leaving, but Hay Lin requested a retest and impressed Laura with her determination. Laura let her try a move and when she couldn't do it, Laura pointed out her lack of prerequisites and thus, could not improve as she was. Hay Lin then asked for a different assignment to join the school, so Laura gave her a design from an ancient costume to reproduce by tomorrow. Hay Lin accepted the challenge and ran off to get it done.[4]

It's assumed Hay Lin passed the test, entering the dance school with her friends.

Sometime after W.I.T.C.H. entered the dance school, Laura developed a better relationship with them, including Hay Lin.

Laura came across Hay Lin in the dance school, having come to practice for their big show that day. The girl explained how her friends were busy and Laura understood, having heard from Will Vandom about her mother being in labor. Hay Lin mentioned Irma Lair and Cornelia Hale being out with "friends" and Laura could tell she meant romantic partners, then asked Hay Lin if she had one. She admitted to being in a long-distance relationship and when she asked Laura, the teacher declared it was the same for her. Talking about it was too painful, though, so she encouraged Hay Lin to continue practicing. She also allowed her to just call her Laura from now on. Hay Lin still wanted to talk about Laura's boyfriend and she did admit that while she didn't mind talking about it, the story was too long and complicated, playfully accusing Hay Lin of trying to skip out on practice.[2]

Laura eventually gave in to talk about Hector, declaring he was very busy. Hay Lin deducted she meant Hector Laurie, a famous dancer, and Laura explained he was on tour in Japan at the moment. However, Laura also admitted she thought their relationship had faded out since it had been months since they last saw one another. She no longer wanted to talk about the topic, so they went ahead with practice.[2]

Once they are finished, Laura applauded how Hay Lin had improved. The guardian asked more about Hector and why Laura didn't just call him. She admitted she might prefer the relationship to end slowly and silently. Hay Lin disagreed and convinced her to call him, even break his heart if she must. Just as she made the call, Hector himself showed up at the dance school, having come to see Laura as he missed her greatly. Laura asked Hay Lin to call the others and tell them she'd be leaving for a bit. She and Hector headed out for some catching up. They were spotted by Cornelia who was happy for them.[2]

Laura returned much later when all the W.I.T.C.H. girls had arrived, dressed for the show. She asked them how their day went and when the topic turned to boyfriends, Laura agreed with Irma that all boyfriends were great or else what were they for. Hay Lin declared she'd made a new friend, meaning Laura herself, to which the lady agreed. Laura mentioned she had a wonderful surprise of someone who came back to see her, meaning Hector.[2]

When it was time for W.I.T.C.H. to get on stage, Laura surprised them by asking to join as she felt the need to dance after such a great day. The girls agreed and Laura led them on stage before their audience.[2]

Illness and death

Laura suddenly fell ill and took time off from work to rest at home. She was replaced at the dance academy with Pierre Ladasterre. She was attended to by a helper as her illness had weakened her greatly. To help pass her time at home, she took care of her garden daily.[1]

She was visited by Hay Lin, who was seeking her dance advice. Laura sensed that Hay Lin was ready to give up and told her to endure. She then showed Hay Lin her outdoor garden. Laura told Hay Lin how just like nature and life, dance is an endless movement and struggle. After Hay Lin understood what she was talking about, Laura wanted her to dance in the garden. After Hay Lin hesitated, Laura danced instead and told her how the basics could help people endure pain and survive.[1]

Hay Lin left her house several hours later but before she did, Laura gave her a task to do. She asked Hay Lin to deliver a letter to a friend for her, which Hay Lin happily accepted. The letter was actually an excuse to introduce W.I.T.C.H. to a capoeira school and teach them a new way of dancing which would help them greatly.[1]

She passed away a shortly after Hay Lin's visit.[1]

Kevin Jensen informed most of W.I.T.C.H., but Hay Lin learned of it by visiting her house and seeing her plants had withered, then told by the helper what had happened. In honor of Laura, Hay Lin danced in the garden just as she once had.[1]


Hector Lurie

Her boyfriend, Hector Lurie, is also a dancer and has toured. He and Laura were finally reunited.[2] However, it was short-lived as Laura passed away shortly after.[1]



  • Before her illness, she was always seen wearing pink.


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