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Leryn was the first queen of Meridian and Escanor's wife.


Prince Escanor's wife, Leryn waited for her husband until they finally defeated the Kahedrins.[citation needed] After the war, Leryn followed her husband to Meridian were a new kingdom awaited them.[1] Escanor gave the right to rule to his wife and so started the tradition of the Light of Meridian (the matriarch) a line of female rulers from Escanor's bloodline.[citation needed]

Leryn's solution

When the Oracle imagined Cornelia moving to Meridian to be with Caleb, Cornelia felt homesick and she asked Elyon for help. Elyon then relates her to Leryn's situation when she came to Metamoor. Leryn missed Earth and longed for it. She knew it must be stopped. She asked the court's potion master to prepare a potion that would erase her memories on Earth. They presented her the oblivion and she used it for her own sake and for the betterment of Meridian. The court master then named it the Leryn Solution.[1]

Cornelia pretended to drink the solution and tried to fool everyone that she had totally forgotten her life on Earth.[1]