Liam came from the Fast World to help Takeda bring Mariko to life.


Mariko Takeda & Liam

Mariko and Liam

Liam was an inhabitant of the Fast World, who meets Mariko, the daughter of Foreman Takeda, when she arrives at the Fast World through a portal created by the Coldness, a cryogenical experimental machine. The couple quikcky fall in love, but when Mariko discovers the evil of the White Queen, the Fast World's cruel ruler, she decided to leave her mind in that world and her body in the Earth in order to remain in the Fast World for fighting the evil queen, much for Liam's horror, because he knows that in this state of fading existence Mariko is in danger of dissapearing forever. Trying to help his lover, he contact with Takeda, Mariko's father, and agrees to help him to destroy the magic in Heatherfield in exchange for a chance to try to get Mariko back into her former state.

Takeda used him as a tool to spy on the Guardians, and sent different creatures from his world to attack them. Matt was suspicious of Liam from the beginning, and because of this Matt was lured to Takeshita Corp and was frozen by Takeda's robots. He is later sent him to kidnap William and take him to the Fast Realm. Liam only helped Takeda because he was in love with Mariko. Liam uses a special liquid created by Takeda to sustain his existence on Earth, because it makes his body vibrate more slower.

The girls also discovered that he was a part of the White Council, the realm's high court. He leads the girls to the prison ward to find William and Mariko in the local prision. There they were confronted by the White Queen, who tried to kill Mariko after paralizing the Guardians with a magic jar. Liam interferes and is then killed by the White Queen when he stood in the way of the sword of exile, who impales him and causes his body to cristalize and blow up into pieces.

Liam displays the ability to transfer his natural vibration, if he intends to, by touching his target. This is seen when he kidnaps William from Susan Vandom, when the touch causes her to feel shock and eventually become unconscious.

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