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Lights are creatures from Basiliade that appeared in Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Lights look like orange luminous water droplets that live in the Crimson Lake of Basiliade.


When the former oracle Himerish was banished from Kandrakar and sent to Basiliade he encountered the lights. Master Yarr passed by the lake and recognized that someone was too close to the lights (which he knew to be dangerous creatures). He ordered one of his disciples, Kilubi, to eliminate the lights engulfing Himerish. They were stunned by how quickly Himerish recovered after having such direct contact to the creatures.[1]

They were also seen when Himerish explored the depths of the lake to face the creature of the lake, though this time they did not hurt him.[1]

Powers and abilities

Yarr, Ih-Shui and Kilubi were stunned by how quickly Himerish recovered after having direct contact with the Lights,[1] which gives speculations that the direct contact with it can cause fatal injuries.

Another characteristic of the lights is the ability to completely merge with the waters of Crimson Lake.[1]