Lilian Hale is Cornelia's little sister. She is eight years old, has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Lilian likes to play pretend, hear fairytale stories or even play games with her classmates or sister. Annoying Cornelia and playing pranks on her has also become a hobby to her especially when she does not pay enough attention to her.


Lilian is a sweet little girl who enjoys annoying her elder sister. She is young and energetic and likes to play. She is also naughty and can be a trouble maker.

Chronology: Comics

Cornelia's younger sister by seven or so years, and a little pest who will bother her sister for fun or out of boredom. She has a pet cat named Napoleon, originally a gift from Will to Cornelia after Caleb was turned into a flower by Phobos near the end of the first story arc. In the Halloween special, sometime between the 7th and 8th arcs, Lilian sees the girls transform, but it is unclear if she still knows in the primary story line.

Chronology: TV series

Lilian is the "baby" of the family and is therefore a bit spoiled. Her parents baby her a lot, and expect Cornelia to do it as well. Although Lilian looks up to her sister and likes to "hang" with her, the two sisters are usually mean and spiteful towards each other. Lilian feels sad about Cornelia's attitude towards her, as showed in "U is for Undivided ". But Lilian and Cornelia do care for each other and can be quite nice with one another. They even have similar personalities when you think about it. Lilian also likes to hang with Cornelia's friends, she thinks they are cool, and they are nice to her.

During the second season, it is revealed that Lilian is the Heart of Earth, the center of mystical power on Earth. This makes her very powerful, with power equal to Elyon Brown's and the Heart of Kandrakar's. Perhaps that's why Cornelia had been chosen to be the Guardian of Earth to be wise enough to help her sister. But Lilian's powers developed prematurely and she is unable to control them because she is too young. Lilian's powers are discovered when, after being scorned by Cornelia, Lilian wishes Napoleon could talk. After Lilian leaves for her room, Napoleon comes up to Cornelia and says that Lilian's got "something special. After consulting Luba in Kandrakar, they discover Lilian's position as the Heart of Earth and Napoleon's position as Lilian's familiar. Once Cornelia is told by Luba that Nerissa would attempt to befriend Lilian as she did with Elyon, outraged Cornelia demands that she be taken immediately straight home, as nobody is allowed to mess with (let alone harm) her sister other than Cornelia herself.

After Lilian causes much confusion by unknowingly using her powers to turn a bedtime story Cornelia tells her about a Princess Lilian, an Evil Sorceress Nerissa and the Princess's four protective fairies into reality, Cornelia tells Lilian that to protect herself, Princess Lilian of Earth gave her powers to the Noble Knights of Earth: Sir Matthew, Sir Huggles and Sir Napoleon, until she is old enough to use them. Lilian still thinks it's all pretend play, and with a toy wand endows her knights with her powers, unknowingly making them the Regents of Earth.

Lilian remains unaware of her status as Heart of Earth and doesn't know about Magic, Kandrakar, The Guardians or other worlds. However Cornelia secretly whispers to her sleeping sister that she pledges to always be there for her younger sibling to make sure nothing ever divides them again.

Lillian and regents.jpg

She is voiced by Alyson Stoner.


It has been shown that with her power, Lilian or the Regents have the abilities of:

  • Reality Warping.
  • Glamouring/Shape-shifting.
  • Create Glamour Zones that partially alter reality leaving fundamentals intact but altering certain aspects as seen in Z is For Zenith. (differs from the entire Zones created in U is for Undivided)
  • Turning drawings, thoughts or even stories into reality.
  • Create zones where the reality follows her wishes and rules and might be different from the outside world. The zones are surrounded by an invisible wall, and look normal from the outside. When one steps into the zone, he or she automatically become part of its reality.
  • Endow other beings with unique abilities and powers.
  • Give objects and animals unusual abilities, such as the ability to talk.
  • Super speed and Super strength (Napoleon and Huggles).
  • Generate rays or beams of pure yellowish-green-colored energy (Matt).
  • Telekinesis-telekinetically move, levitate, control and manipulate inanimate objects and people with the mind.
  • Lilian has also shown the ability to locate and forcibly teletransport people against their will, as seen when she was able to forcibly transport Nerissa and her servants to Earth against their wills right above her "castle" and transport W.I.T.C.H. to the outside of her "castle" by simply wishing it,a feat even more impressive considering that Nerissa and her servants were not in the same dimension as Earth and that Lilian had never actually met Nerissa or her team (at least not knowingly).
  • Lilian has also shown a degree of power over the other Hearts of other worlds,as seen when she was able to forcibly transform Will,Irma,Taranee and Hay Lin into their Guardian forms without them even noticing by simply wishing it by somehow manipulating the Heart of Kandrakar.

Following the examples of all other mystical Hearts shown, Lilian can also probably open folds in time and teleport, as well as have the power to create impenetrable prison bubbles, especially as her regents have shown the former.


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