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The following is a list of characters from the W.I.T.C.H. comics and TV series.

Main characters

  • Will Vandom – She is the leader of W.I.T.C.H. and the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, which allows the girls to magnify their powers and transform. She first moved to Heatherfield after leaving her hometown of Fadden Hills. Will has issues with trusting people because she is scared of being let down. She is a bit of a tomboy, but is also sensitive towards other people. Her hobbies include swimming, and collecting frog items. Her big crush is Matt Olsen who incidentally feels the same way about her. Sometimes she argues with her mother and storms out of her mothers face.
  • Irma Lair – Irma is a bit sassy and unpredictable. Irma is the joker of the group but her sense of humor is not always appreciated. She owns a pet turtle, Leafy, who is the only one in the world to know her deepest secrets. Her big idol is the rock artist Karmilla. She has powers over water.
  • Taranee Cook – She may be shy and laid-back, but Taranee can be very determined when she sets her mind to a goal. Out of all her friends, she is usually the one that has to remind every one about an important task at hand. Her hobbies include basketball, photography, and dancing. She has powers over fire and has telepathy. She is very close to her family.
  • Cornelia Hale – Cornelia is very Down-To-Earth and can also be extremely cold and overconfident. She loves shopping and is a competitive ice-skater and has won numerous medals for her achievements on the ice. Her best friend is Elyon Brown and she owns a cat named Napoleon which she received from Will. She has powers over earth. She has a younger sister, Lilian, who is a big pain in her neck.
  • Hay Lin – Hay Lin is a little bit cheerful, very creative, and sometimes full of enthusiasm. Hay Lin is the type of person who "Has her head in the clouds". Her family owns a Chinese restaurant called The Silver Dragon where she often works to help out. Her favorite thing to do is draw and she also makes clothes of her own. Hay Lin loves to collect comics and alien collectibles. She has powers over air. Her crush is Eric Lyndon.
  • Orube AKA Rebecca Rudolph – Orube comes from the world of Basiliade and was trained since birth to be a warrior. She controls no elemental powers, but is an expert in martial arts and is able to conjure up blasts of energy from her hands. She has an advanced form of smell and hearing which she uses to track her prey and has amazing agility, strength, and reflexes. Assuming the name of Rebecca Rudolph and posing as a college student, she lived on Earth with the other girls and had a bad case of culture shock when it comes to fitting in with humans. Orube and Irma fought a lot when Orube became a member of the team, but at the end, they opened their hearts to one another and become friends at last.

The boys

  • Matt Olsen – He sings and plays guitar for his band "Cobalt Blue". He works part-time at his grandfather's pet store along with Will and shares the same interest in animals as she does. He is strong, kind, and a bit laid-back. He finds Will cute and has feelings for her, but he has a hard time admitting them. When the girls got their New Powers, Matt became the trainer of the group.
  • Martin Tubbs – Martin is a nerd. He is madly attracted to Irma, who only sees him as a friend. He is a member of the Happy Bears, a boy-and-girl scout group located in Heatherfield.
  • Andrew Hornby – Andrew Hornby is Irma's real crush: tall, handsome, and popular. She has tried to flirt with him by making her body look more mature using her magic, but that backfired when she turned him into a toad for a few days out of nervousness when he tried to kiss her.
  • Nigel Ashcroft – Nigel is viewed as a hoodlum by Taranee's mother, who does not trust him with her daughter since he was once part of Uriah's gang. He tried his best to prove himself to Taranee and her family that his feelings are pure and of good intentions.
  • Caleb – Once a Murmurer conjured up by Phobos to do his bidding, Caleb developed a will of his own and broke free of Phobos’ control. He became the leader of the rebel forces who were opposed to Phobos' rule and has quickly gained popularity in Meridian. He is a kind and benevolent young man whose heart is bound to Cornelia's. Even before he met her, he had dreams about her and has longed to one day meet the girl of his dreams. After Nerissa's defeat, he decided to return to Meridian, leaving Cornelia disillusioned.
  • Rick Fortworth – Handsome, popular, smart, and with an ego to match, Cornelia met Rick when she partook in the exchange program with Redstone Institute. Their first encounter was anything but pleasant - in fact, she purposely struck him in the head with a frisbee. But Cornelia's astral drop felt attracted to the exotic young man from another country, and she influenced Cornelia's feelings.
  • Peter Cook – Peter is Taranee's older brother. He is very kind and wholesome and loves to spend time with his family. On his free time he enjoys playing basketball, surfing, and other sports that require physical endurance. Despite Cornelia being in love with Caleb, she cannot help but find Peter cute.
  • Eric Lyndon – Eric is Hay Lin's crush. A new boy in town, Eric lives at the Heatherfield Observatory with his grandfather, Zachary Lyndon, who is an astronomer.
  • Joel Wright – Matt's friend, and the bass player of their band Cobalt Blue. He and Irma seem to have crushes on each other, and Irma usually calls him Jay. He loves to surf, and he gives Irma some surfing lessons. He is also a talented cook. Joel is also a Karmilla fan like Irma, and they first met each other in a Karmilla concert.
  • Luke Pradd – Taranee's classmate at Jensen Dance Academy who gave her a wristband when she accidentally over-rubbed Hay Lin's phone number. Taranee has feelings for him, too, though she kept this a secret from Nigel.
  • Stephen – Stephen is an old friend of Irma's who she met again in the library.

Congregation of Kandrakar

Some members of the Council/Congregation of Kandrakar, such as Yan Lin, are human, but many others are not, as seen by the Guardians after the demise of Nerissa.

  • Himerish – Himerish was the Oracle, and was therefore the leader of the Congregation of Kandrakar. Endarno questioned his authority to lead and he eventually gave up the role of Oracle to Yan Lin.
  • Tibor – Tibor is the Oracle's faithful advisor and often argues with Luba.
  • Yan Lin – Hay Lin's grandmother and a member of the Congregation. She offers advice and words of wisdom to the girls when they need it. She was the previous Guardian of air.
  • Luba – Luba was the keeper of the Aurameres. She was against the Oracle's decision of giving the job of Guardianship to young, inexperienced Earth teenagers and caused a lot of trouble for the girls by fusing the Aurameres together on purpose.

Minor Council/Congregation Members

  • Bolgo – An elfin old man that inquired if the Oracle meant Kandrakar should intervene during the final battle against Phobos. He also discussed the Oracle's decision to simply wait and see "how events unfold" with several other Council members, including Luba and Althor.
  • Althor – An old man that bears some resemblance to an elf or a dwarf that first appears asking the Oracle who shall be the new Guardians, and next appears during the battle against Phobos, listening to Bolgo when he discusses the Oracle's decision to simply wait and see "how events unfold".
  • As-Sharwa – One of the oldest and wisest of the inhabitants of Kandrakar, and the elected Voice of the Congregation. He has an elongated forehead tattooed with mystical runes, and long gray hair, along with many wrinkles. He, representing the Council, informed the Oracle that the Congregation, that they do not wish to use the destructive power of the mighty force called the Resonance to counteract Nerissa's attacks on Kandrakar, as the results might be catastrophic for Kandrakar as well as Nerissa, but the Oracle insisted that they do activate the Resonance, as it may be their last hope. Below his chin is a device which might be a speech translator.

Former Guardians

  • Kadma – Kadma is a past Guardian of earth. She and Halinor were banished from Kandrakar for questioning the Oracle's power when Nerissa killed Cassidy out of envy. She has been secretly guiding Will through the Rising Star Foundation in Fadden Hills until Will moved to Heatherfield and became a Guardian.
  • Halinor – Halinor is a past Guardian of fire, and now deceased. She kept a diary that contained information on the Star of Cassidy. Like Kadma, Halinor was banished from Kandrakar for questioning the Oracle's power. She was also a founding member of the Rising Star Foundation.
  • Cassidy – Cassidy is a past Guardian of water. She was entrusted with the Heart after Nerissa's betrayal, but was later killed by Nerissa in retaliation.
  • Yan Lin – Yan Lin was the past Guardian of air, is Hay Lin's grandmother, and was once extremely good friends with Nerissa and Cassidy. She later became the keeper of the Heart after Cassidy was killed by Nerissa.
  • Nerissa – Nerissa was the first member of the group to carry the Heart of Kandrakar, but after her betrayal, the Heart of Kandrakar was given to Cassidy. She got so angry with Cassidy that she killed her, but regrets her action after she realized what she had done. She was locked up in a stone coffin in Mount Thanos for an eternity after the Oracle found out. She vowed to return to Kandrakar for her revenge.


Arc 1 villains

  • Prince Phobos – Phobos ruled as prince over Meridian while searching for his sister to kill her for her power, for his sister is the rightful heir to the throne of Meridian. He spends most of his time in the confines of his castle, which is surrounded by a field of poisonous black roses. He communicates with the public mostly through his Murmurers, only granting audiences to those he deems worthy to see his face.
  • Lord Cedric – Cedric is a faithful general in Prince Phobos' army. He was entrusted with the task of finding Phobos’ lost sister, Elyon. To this end, Cedric opened Ye Olde Bookshop on Earth and adopted a false human identity named Cedric Hoffman, although he presented himself to the Guardians as "Rick Hoffman" to avoid suspicion. Later, Cedric was sent back to Earth and his occupation at the book shop. Although stripped of his powers, he still managed to threaten the Guardians in insidious ways.
  • Frost – Foremost among Phobos' warrior's and a formidable tracker, Frost the Hunter had never lost a battle prior to his defeat at the hands of the five Guardians. Since then, Frost had sworn revenge and devising plans for the Guardians' demise. In combat, he rides a large, green, rhinoceros-like mount named Crimson and wields a magical blade. When the Veil was lowered, he accidentally found himself in Heatherfield. He took the opportunity to take revenge.
  • Miranda - A giant spider that can pose as a harmless little girl who appears in the TV series. Phobos appointed her to act as company for Elyon, until Elyon found out about Phobos' true self, were Miranda revealed her true form to Elyon. After Phobos' defeat Miranda was imprisoned with him and his other minions.
  • Elyon Brown – Shy and a bit naive, Elyon is really a long-lost princess known as the Light of Meridian. She was taken to Earth when she was just a baby to escape Phobos' sinister plans for her. Her best friend is Cornelia Hale, who is also the only one who believed in her after she betrayed the girls and tried to kill them while under Cedric's influence. In a climactic battle with her brother, she was rightfully restored to the throne. Like Hay Lin, Elyon's passion is art.

Arc 2 villains

  • Luba – Luba is a Member of Congregation, which her role is the Protector of the Aurameres. She combined the Aurameres, to try and prove that the Guardians weren't ready for their role.
  • Nerissa – The previous keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, Nerissa was consumed by the power the Heart gave her and eventually began to descend into evil. The Oracle sensed this and decided that she was no longer fit to keep the Heart. When he entrusted it to Cassidy, it drove Nerissa over the edge. Mad with jealousy, she turned on her fellow Guardians and killed Cassidy. When she was defeated, she was sentenced to be sealed in a coffin located in Mount Thanos until the day all of the Aurameres were joined together. That eventually came to pass through the efforts of Luba, who was convinced that the girls were unworthy of their status as Guardians. Awakened from her slumber, Nerissa created the Four Knights of Revenge and after capturing Caleb she rejuvenated and declared war against Kandrakar.
  • Shagon – Most powerful, and dangerous, of the Four Knights of Destruction, His power increases whenever he is struck by anger. He was changed by Nerissa, who wanted a human as "material" for her right-hand man into Shagon. His life essence was nearly absorbed by Nerissa in the final battle, but he wounded her and reverted to his original form.
  • Khor – Khor was the first of Nerissa's Four Knights of Destruction, and also the first to encounter the Guardians. He used to be the dog Miska, who had the misfortune of crossing paths with Nerissa. In the TV series, Matt's pet dormouse, Mr. Huggles, is transformed into Khor by Nerissa who names him after a great monster from legend who fed on hatred.
  • Ember – One of the Four Knights of Destruction, given life by Nerissa. Ember was created from the lava which flowed around Nerissa's tomb. She was absorbed by Nerissa in the final battle.
  • Tridart – One of the Four Knights of Destruction, created by Nerissa. Tridart was made from the numerous icy stalactites found in the cave which Nerissa was sealed in. He was absorbed by Nerissa in the final battle, alongside Ember.

Arc 3 villains

  • Ari – Ari was a young farmer in the world of Arkhanta. His wife, Jamayeda, died giving birth to his son, Maqi, who was born mute. Since then, Ari searched incessantly for a way to rid his son of his strange affliction, consulting the land's wisest physicians and scholars, but none could help Maqi. He had heard stories of how anyone who could capture a banshee would be granted three wishes in exchange for their freedom. Ari caught Yua, the most powerful of the banshees, and would have her help his son. Alas, for all her power, Yua was not able to cure Maqui's illness. Her magic extended only to material wishes, and life and death were powers beyond her capacity. With Yua's aid, Ari soon became Lord of Arkhanta, doing his best to improve the lot of the common man. Ari made pleas to the Oracle of Kandrakar. The Oracle, however, would not help him so Ari eventually made war on Kandrakar and so the Guardians were assigned the task to stop Ari at any cost.
  • Yua – Yua is the banshee whom Ari managed to capture on his journey to find a cure for his son. This sly and evil being promised to grant Ari three wishes if he were to release her. However, Ari's final wish was for her to fulfil any and all of his future wishes, and thus she was forced remained in his servitude. She was kept chained up in Ari's basement and is only called upon when he needs her magic to assist him.
  • Astral Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin – The Astral Drops were tired of being treated like slaves to the girls, who only called upon them when they needed chores done or to take their place when they needed to go on a mission. They soon turned against them, causing horrible problems for the girls' lives on Earth, such as turning friends and family against them in acts of revenge upon the girls.
  • Mr. Riddle – An elite psychic detective that was brought in to combat the W.I.T.C.H. girls when their supernatural secret was exposed to the Government. His goal is to experiment and analyze the W.I.T.C.H. girls and uncover how their powers work. Although he was hired by Interpol, he seems to have his own agenda.

Arc 4 villains

  • Endarno – As ruthless and sneaky as Phobos, Endarno became the new Oracle after the previous one has been banished to Basiliade. People took his side during the Trial of the Oracle because of his reasons for blaming the previous Oracle. He protested that the Guardians he chose did not run their tasks as asked. Will and the other Guardians do not refer to him as the Oracle, but instead call him by his name. The Council of Kandrakar called him Endarno the Wise. Phobos switched his mind with Endarno's with the negative emotions he felt. The minds were switched back to their respective bodies once Phobos was defeated.
  • Vaal – Endarno's loyal servant, he unknowingly helped Phobos, believing he served the true Endarno, not Phobos. He comes from Meridian and therefore sometimes questions "Endarno's" decisions. He in particular does not understand why Endarno wants Elyon to stop continuing as queen, since, like any Meridian citizen, Vaal thinks of Elyon as a savior. His name is based on the Semitic god of fertility, vegetation and weather, named Baal.

Arc 5 villains

  • Jonathan Ludmoore – Jonathan Ludmoore was the first Metamoorian to travel to Earth. Phobos ordered him to weaken the Veil by opening portals to be able to travel between the two dimensions. He discovered that Heatherfield lies in a place where the five elements meet, and tried to suppress them. When he failed he disappeared into his magic book of the five elements. When Cedric found the book, Ludmoore used him as an instrument to gather the five missing stones representing the parts of the elements he couldn't suppress.

Arc 6 villains

  • Tecla Ibsen – She has the power to absorb vital energies in order to stay young, through the Ragorlang, which she can conjure up. She was attacked by W.I.T.C.H., lost a lot of vital energy, got some of the vital energy back, and could no longer summon the Ragorlang. She saw the Guardians as rich sources of vital energy. After a final battle with Folkner and the Ragorlang, she and her husband Karl are welcomed in to Kandrakar by the Oracle and allowed to stay.
  • Edward Folkner – He was the new doctor in Sheffield Institute. He traveled a lot, to look for the Mark of the Ragorlang, a mark that Ragorlangs leave in the eyes of their victims. In the end, he merged with the monsters trapped inside his magic box, and wanted to drain the energy of every human being on Earth.

Arc 7 villains

  • Dark Mother – A plant-like evil entity that threatened Kandrakar. She sent a black seed there, which grew with each day, and devoured the entire fortress.

Arc 8 villains

  • Foreman Takeda – A scientist who invented a powerful machine, known as Coldness. With this machine he can open a gateway to another world. When Mariko, his older daughter discovered this world, she was put under a coma. Because of this, Takeda wished to wipe out all magic on Earth, including the Guardians.
  • The White Queen – The malevolent and despotic ruler of the Fast World. Her desire was to kill Mariko, and the Guardians, who stand in her way.

Other characters

  • Uriah Dunn, Kurt Van Buren, and Laurent Hampton – The three bullies that make up Uriah's gang. They love to cause trouble such as lighting fireworks in school, vandalize property, and commit robberies. Nigel used to be a part of their gang until he left to continue a relationship with Taranee.
  • Bess and Courtney Grumper – The scandalous sisters and the writers of the gossip section of Sheffield Institute's paper. They almost got the W.I.T.C.H. gang to break up, but in the end, they got what they deserved. Cornelia told them there was a "Costume Party" after the Christmas Play, but really, no one else was in costume and the two conniving sisters were, much to their embarrassment.
  • Agent Maria Medina – An Interpol agent from the crime psychology department who was assigned to investigate the Brown family's disappearance. Due to her experience on the job, she believes that Will and her friends know something about Elyon's family's disappearance that they are not sharing and has decided to keep an eye on them.
  • Agent Joel McTiennan – Another Interpol agent who was assigned to investigate the Brown family's disappearance with Agent Medina. He is a friendly and little-speaking guy who thinks that Agent Medina's theories are off-the-wall and that the case is just a dead-end and they will return empty-handed.
  • Agent Raphael Sylla – Handsome and charming, he poses as Sheffield Institute's newest computer teacher when in fact he is a colleague of Maria and Joel who was hired to keep tabs on the W.I.T.C.H. girls. His goal is to uncover what secret the girls are hiding and if it does in fact involve supernatural powers.
  • Yarr – A Commander from Basiliade, who met the banished Himerish while traveling with his two faithful disciples, Kilubi and Ih-Sui. He recognized him from the past as a battle partner. His weapon is a sword.
  • Kilubi – The feisty and colder minion of Yarr. Her weapon is a sword.
  • Ih-Sui – The calmer and tranquil minion of Yarr. She hardly talks, but shows true spirit of a warrior. Ih-Sui and uses a sword to battle.
  • Shinobu Takeda – The younger daughter of Foreman Takeda. Because of her father's obsession with Mariko, she is invisible in his eyes, and felt very lonely.
  • Mariko Takeda – The older daughter of Foreman Takeda, who discovered a parallel dimension and was sentenced into a magical slumber. Her body floats in a weird bathtub full of liquid in Takeda's laboratory. In the Fast World she met Liam and the two of them fell in love.
  • Liam – He came from the Fast World, to help Takeda bring Mariko to life. Takeda used him as a tool to spy the Guardians, and in the end he sent him to kidnap William and take him to Fast World.
  • Jade Emperor – From the story of the Four Dragons, he is a cruel and uncaring ruler who punished the dragons for bringing rain to the people. He had the dragons sealed away in four mountains.
  • Xin Jing – From the story of the Four Dragons, she is a nymph. When the Emperor sealed away the dragons, Xin Jing used all her powers to gather those of the four dragons together and turn their bodies into the four rivers of China. All that remained of Xin Jing was a small crystal: the Heart of Kandrakar.

Family members of Guardians

Will's family

  • Susan Vandom-Collins - The mother of Will. She is completely oblivious to Will's powers. Susan is kind, but has a very short temper. She has been married twice and is a mother of two.
  • Tony Vandom - The biological father of Will. Tony is a businessman who chose business over family. He barely took part in Will's upbringing, including when he was married to Susan. In court, Tony lost his partial custody of Will and doesn't talk to his daughter much. He is engaged.
  • William Collins - Will's half-brother. He is the son of Susan and Dean. He and Will are close. William is magical as well as his sister. He is very energetic.
  • Dean Collins - Will's teacher and stepfather. He teaches history to middle and high school students, including the Guardians. While meeting with Susan to discuss Will's grades, he fell in love with her. They eventually marry and have a son.
  • Sarina Sanchez - Will's soon-to-be stepmother. Serena is engaged to Tony. At first, Will hated Serena, but soon, they become very good friends after Will realized that Serena is not mean like she thought that she was.

Irma's family

  • Tom Lair - Irma's father. Tom is a very strong tough man. He is a police officer at the Heatherfield Police Department. He is married to Irma's mother and has a son as well.
  • Anna Lair - Irma's mother. Anna is very sweet and gentle, except when dealing with Christopher and Irma when they are arguing. She is a stay-at-home-mom.
  • Chris Lair - Irma's younger brother. He has Irma's personality, but she finds him annoying. Christopher loves to tease Irma about her friends, love life, and appearance.