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Lothar was a loyal soldier and general in Phobos army during Phobos' reign on Meridian. In the TV series, he is never, really named, and is often just referred to as Captain of the Guard, Lieutenant or Commander by Cedric and Phobos his name is revealed through the credits.


Lothar, has greyish-blond or greyish-Silver hair, and slightly-pointed ears. He wears a well designed bronze coloured Meridian military armour has light skin. Like many Meridianites, he has got light green or dark marks or tattoos on his face.


Due to receiving very little screen-time, Lothar's personality is somewhat ambiguous. It appears that he is very disciplined and a very devoted soldier. However, he does appear to show signs of uncertainty and at times a bit of fear as seen when Cedric ordered him to enter the passage that leads to the Infinite City. Lothar was unwilling to enter as he was afraid of what may be lurking in the forgotten realm that he was about to enter. But being a loyal soldier he entered without objection. In the end, his fear was justified as he was assumed to have been killed by the Mage when he entered the Infinite City as he was never seen again.[citation needed]


Lothar was appointed Captain of the Guard, replacing Vathek who had been given the rank of Lieutenant and after his former commanding officer Raythor had been thrown into the Abyss of Shadows by Cedric, due to being framed by the rebels and the Guardians.[citation needed] Later in the series he is shown to be in charge of the army, as Cedric chief lieutenant and was eventually promoted to the Rank of General later in the first season.[citation needed]

After successfully discovering the Infinite City, he was fearful of entering the lair of the Mage as the other soldiers he sent in didn't come out. Cedric pressured him to go in himself and shortly after, they could hear him scream upon his demise.[citation needed]


  • In the first episode of the second season there are three or two characters that resemble Lothar who appear in the dungeons. Animators claimed, that these characters are different individuals, who had the same designs which were recycled from Lothar's. They also confirmed that he did die.[citation needed]
  • According to writers, they would have considered reviving Lothar as a member of the Meridian Cast for the 3rd Season, as the Character's popularity was growing by the end of the series. They would have changed/retconned the story to make it appear that he had survived the attack and was only taken prisoner by The Mage/Nerissa.[citation needed]


Images of the captain of the guard.