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Luke Pradd is Taranee's classmate at Jensen Dance Academy. They started as friends, though there were mutual feelings growing between them.


Taranee first met Luke while auditioning to join the Jensen Dance Academy. She was trying to remove a mark from her wrist and he offered her one of his wristbands to hide it. He sat with her and helped her calm her nerves about the audition. She greatly appreciated this.[1]

Over time, Taranee's feelings for Luke continued to grow, despite that she was still dating Nigel Ashcroft at the time. This put a strain on their relationship as Taranee began dedicating so much of her time to the Dance school which also put her in close proximity to Luke.

At one point, while on date with Nigel to the club, she bumped into Sheila who declared she'd come with Luke. Taranee was at first upset, thinking Sheila and Luke were on a date, until Sheila mentioned Luke wanted to invite Taranee. This surprised her, to the point that when Sheila asked about Nigel, Taranee hesitated to call him her boyfriend. It's clear at this point that her feelings had changed.[2]

After a fight with Nigel, Taranee started avoiding his calls and writing Luke's name in her diary surrounded by hearts.[3]

Taranee continued to interact with Luke and Sheila, and her friends hinted she might be seeing Luke though this didn't clarify if the two were dating or not.[4]

When the school held auditions for dancers in a music video, he and Sheila passed but Taranee didn't which hurt her confidence. He told her not to feel down on herself but she only stormed off, upset. Later, he watched her struggle with creating a dance for Martin's Olympics presentation until being called away for his rehearsals. He again advised her not to worry about being perfect but when she snapped at him that she didn't want to make a fool of herself, he was disappointed because he thought she was doing this for her friend. He walked away and Taranee, regretting her action, did choose to lighten up which improved her performance. On the night of the Olympics, Taranee's dance partner injured himself and couldn't go on. Luke offered to step in, even though he wouldn't be perfect, and Taranee happily accepted.[5]

Karmilla returned to town and requested Jensen's students dance for her opening act. Luke, Taranee, and Sheila were all excited for their first big public performance. On the night of the concert, he and the other dancers were ready to take the stage but an attack by Dr. Folkner left him and the rest of the dancers catatonic. W.I.T.C.H. defeated the fallen hunter and returned just in time to be the opening act. Following this, he, Taranee, and Sheila sat together to watch Karmilla's big concert.[6]

It isn't clear what happened to Luke after this but it seems he and Taranee never became anything other than good friends. Taranee formed a dance group with W.I.T.C.H. and pursued other boys, while he didn't appear as frequently in her life. As Taranee explained later, they never advanced past a crush and didn't keep in touch.[7]

When a broken dam endangered Taranee's neighborhood, Luke called to check up on her despite them no longer being close. He told her his and Sheila's idea to hold dancing lesson for little kids displaced by the disaster, which inspired W.I.T.C.H. to organize a show for them.[7]


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