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Lurdens are a race of ogre-like beings on Meridian that serve as soldiers of Prince Phobos.


Some of them are green-skinned and bald while the rest of them are brown-skinned and have brown hair.


They are the smaller creatures surrounding the Larvek.

The Lurdens helped Cedric and Frost fight the W.I.T.C.H. girls in Elias Van Dahl's painting.[1] They later helped Cedric with a Larvek and helped him attempt to capture Vathek and Blunk.[2] They pursue Blunk through sewers when he found the Seal of Phobos[3] and fought against the rebels when they found the Infinite City.[4] Elyon saw them in the castle and was scared by the sight them.[5]

While most of the Castle Guards switched sides during before the battle on the day of Elyon's coronation, the Lurdens remained loyal to Phobos, resulting in them being imprisoned with him in the dungeons of the Infinite City.[6] When Phobos regained his freedom twice during the second season, the Lurdens continued supporting him.[citation needed] The Lurdens were transported to Kandrakar with the Great Ring. When Cedric gained more power by swallowing Phobos with the Seal of Nerissa, the Lurdens pledged themselves to him and joined in the final battle.[7] They were defeated and re-imprisoned in the Infinite City along with the other villains.[8]

Powers and abilities

While sentient, they don't seem to be capable of human speech, and they don't give the impression of being very smart. They have many weapons at their usage, including spike wheels.



Images of Lurdens.