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M is for Mercy is the thirteenth episode of season 2, and the thirty-ninth episode overall of the TV series.


Shagon returned to Heatherfield as his old self, Matt, and went after Will and her mom. Will fought with her mom because her mom dragged her on a date with Mr. Collins.

On the date, Will and her mom had a huge fight and Will walked away and came face to face with Shagon, who attacked her and she was without the other Guardians for help. Meanwhile, Nerissa corrupted Cassidy's spirit into joining her.

In the B-story, Will began not being angry for her mother's and teacher's relationship. Will was still confused on her way of life, fighting in human form and in Guardian form was wearing her down. Then they ate fried chicken.

Release notes

  • This episode is censored in many releases of the series, including the version broadcast on TV in the UK (but not the US), with the train yard scene being partially edited out. In many (but not all) of the international dubs, the full scene was never dubbed at all.
    • A possible reason for this is the scene shadowing domestic abuse to the viewers, as it shows a male character (Shagon) brutally overwhelming, fighting and defeating the female characters (W.I.T.C.H.).
      • Irma was violently shot by Shagon's eye beam before the battle began.
      • Taranee was violently shot by Shagon's eye beam and crashed into a freight car.
      • Hay Lin moved a freight car with her air ability at Shagon, only for him to stop it, lift it up and hurled it into the air, hitting her out of the sky.
      • Cornelia was violently shot by Shagon's eye beam when she tried to tell Will that their hatred was making him stronger.
      • Will was violently shot by Shagon's eye beam when she furiously charged him, all the while Shagon was taunting her about saving friends, family, and "poor missing Matt".
    • This editing took away from the importance of the scene, as it implies that the reason why Shagon is so merciful towards Will specifically is because he still harbors Matt's strong romantic feelings for her.
    • The Central European DVD releases have the full-length episode without censorship in English. In all of the other included languages, however, the cut portion was never dubbed, so those audio segments are missing. Also, the discs use the audio tracks from the censored version without proper adjustment, causing them to become desynchronized from the video during the scene.
    • The Russian DVDs (which only have Russian audio) have the cut version of the episode.
  • All known DVD versions of this episode are noticeably pillarboxed, with black bars on both sides throughout the entire episode. Whether this has to do with the censorship is unclear, as it is the case (compared to other episodes on the respective discs) with both the uncensored and censored versions.

Possible mistakes

  • In one scene,[which?] there is an error with Irma's costume, in that her Guardian shirt sleeves were not shown from the back.

Behind the scenes


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 9 in the season to focus on Will Vandom.
  • Cassidy made her first proper appearance in this episode (her appearance in K is for Knowledge doesn't really count because she was only seen in the backstory), as did her mother Emily.
  • Although Shagon appeared throughout this episode, the other Knights of Destruction didn't until the very end.
  • Nerissa revealed several things about Cassidy: her favorite place is Shell Beach, she wanted to be a pediatrician, and her mother's name is Emily, who is also shown to still be alive.