The Mage is a minor character in the TV series who died before the series began and was replaced by a disguised Nerissa.


Nerissa as The Mage during the first season.

The Mage is a powerful sorceress who guarded the Infinite City during Phobos' tyrannic reign. When she was younger, she used the Heart of Kandrakar to create the Star of Threbe, implying that she may have once been a Guardian and the Keeper of the Heart like Will and Nerissa. When Nerissa was banished and imprisoned in Mount Thanos, the Mage helped her, hoping that her guilt and an act of compassion would reform her.

The original Mage died prior to Season 1 and was replaced by Nerissa, who used a glamour to assume the Mage's form for seventeen years. It's probable that the Mage was killed by Nerissa, as Nerissa mentioned in O is for Obedience when she said " my regret", implying that Nerissa killed the Mage for power. Nerissa also stole the Mage's ring from her, most likely to prove she was the real Mage.

She is unique to the TV series and does not appear in the comics.


  • The Mage has a human appearance and incredible magic, which qualifies her as an Escanor.
  • There has been some speculation whether it was Nerissa or the real Mage who created the Star of Threbe. It is highly possible that the real Mage did as the Star was made when Elyon's mother was about three and Nerissa became the Mage only 18 years ago. Elyon's mother was shown to be in her late twenties when Elyon was born 13 years ago and Phobos was shown to be at least 15, meaning that Nerissa would still been in Mt. Thanos.
  • The Mage and then Nerissa possessed the Mage Ring which had the ability to open folds. The fact that Nerissa had the ring indicates that Nerissa stole it from her or killed the Mage and took it.
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