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Mandy Anderson is a championship swimmer in Heatherfield. She was Will's rival but later became best of friends.


TV series

Mandy was as a fellow competitor in a Heatherfield swimming race that Will was also competing in. In the first race, she narrowly beat Will, placing first to Will's second.[1]

After discovering that she is a former girlfriend of Matt, Will became extremely jealous and using her power of quintessence she causes a lane divider in the pool to rupture. This resulted in the divider wrapping around her foot, meaning Will won the second race.[1]

When Mandy and Will were getting changed after the race, she congratulated Will on her win, saying that she won fair and square despite the divider. Mandy's lack of anger or resentment added to Will's guilt, as she was previously perturbed by Phobos supporting her cheating behaviour, which caused her to re-evaluate her feelings towards Mandy.[1]

Later in the final race, Mandy ended up winning and Will was genuinely happy for her, hugging and congratulating her on the well-deserved win.[1]

Mandy makes no other appearances in the series despite being on good terms with both Will and Matt.


Images of Mandy Anderson from the TV series.