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Maqi is a central character in Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds. He is the only son of Ari and his late wife, Jamayeda.


Maqi is a small boy who may be younger than 10 years old. He has blond hair, a trait neither his parents exhibited, and teal blue eyes, which he probably inherited from his mother Jamayeda.

He usually wears a green vest over his shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of boots.


Maqi was born with a condition that prevented him from fully connecting with people around him, as most other kids his age did. He is mostly nonverbal until later developments in the story.

He seems very fond of drawing and is often seen sketching the Scarlet Stronghold.[citation needed]



Ari noticed Maqi's condition at a very early age, and he sought help from Arkhanta's wisest men and even the banshee Yua. However, no one was able to grant Ari of his wish and treat Maqi's condition.[1]

With Ari's capture of the banshee, Maqi and his father moved into the Scarlet Stronghold. With the immense wealth Yua granted Ari, Maqi was given a room filled with all sorts of toys that he never really played with.[1]

Third arc: A Crisis on Both Worlds

Maqi was first seen playing with a set of marbles that had colors symbolizing the five Guardians.[1] He was next seen gazing into nothing as his father questioned fate over and over.[2]

Not everything was as bleak as it seemed: Maqi and his father also spent time together. One time, Ari told him the bedtime story of "Paap and Peep", which was based on the events of the arc from Ari's point of view.[3] During Maqi's birthday, Ari and Maqi watched the tragicomedy play, "A Play of Many Parts" in the Scarlet Stronghold together.[4]

When Orube and the Guardians saw him in person for the first time, Maqi was somehow able to see or sense them despite their activated invisibility. Maqi ran through the hallways of the citadel and unwittingly led the girls to Yua. Even so, he too was afraid of Yua, and his fear amused the banshee enough to drag him into the artificial swamp with her. He did not drown, but he was rendered unconscious. His father appeared in the banshee's chamber through Yua's powers, and Ari ordered his servant to destroy the Guardians as he cradled Maqi in his arms.[5]

Eventually, the Guardians freed Yua, but she kidnapped Maqi to take revenge upon her former master. Curiously, Maqi wordlessly stared into nothing, seemingly not understanding what was transpiring between the banshee and his father.[6]

When Yua reappeared in the Banshee Swamps holding Maqi, Maqi seemed so afraid and confused, his eyes opened wide and warily scanning the surroundings. He clutched onto Yua tightly as Yua flew away from Ari, but in the struggle, Maqi fell from a great height.[6]

Maqi was in near-death, but the Guardians saved him by giving him their part of the Gift of Xin Jing, a regenerative power. Not only did it heal him from his situation, but it also granted Ari's wish to rid Maqi of his mysterious condition. Maqi then befriended the girls.[6]

Eleventh arc: Magical Sovereign

Maqi later reappeared when the Guardians visit Arkhanta as ambassadors of Kandrakar. He and Maqi greet them in the reconstructed Scarlet Stronghold. The two invited the girls to participate in the popular games of the world. While W.I.T.C.H. performed rather poorly and hilariously, Ari and Maqi still congratulated them.[citation needed]


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