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Mariko Takeda is the older daughter of Takeda, who discovered a parallel world. On Earth, her body was in a coma but on the Fast World, she became as a powerful vigilante called the Black Queen.


Mariko was once a scientist like her father. One day, she discovered a portal to another dimension, the Fast World. She loved the world, fell in love with Liam and, once she saw The White Queen's greed for magic, she chose to stay on the Fast World and fight her as the Black Queen.[1]

Mariko is in a cry-stasis unit within her father's laboratory.

On Earth, Mariko's body fell into a coma and Takeda kept it alive inside a tank. Takeda sought to destroy all magic, as he believed that it was responsible for his eldest daughter's illness. He used his freezing technologies to track down the Guardians and tried to kill them and was assisted by Liam.[2]

Mariko as the Black Queen.

Liam acted as a spy on the W.I.T.C.H. girls for Takeda, infiltrating their magical school bus and planting evil and dangerous creatures from his world into Heatherfield in order to attack W.I.T.C.H. and putting their magical students in danger.[3]

Mariko and Liam

As the Black Queen, Mariko led a group of the Fast World's natives called the Black Army against the White Queen, until W.I.T.C.H. were fooled by the White Queen, into attacking her, and so was imprisoned with Shinobu and William for a while.[1]

In the end, Mariko suffered the loss of her lover, Liam.[1]


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