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Martin Tubbs is an honor student who is known for his trademark glasses which he cannot see without them. Martin is a nerd but despite this, he has proven himself to be a faithful companion. He has a big crush on Irma, although she only sees him as a friend.


TV series

He has a big crush on Irma, who only sees him as a friend. He was interested in Sondra but after he found out she was lying about being from from Switzerland, he went back to crushing on Irma.[1]


He is a member of the Happy Bears, a boy-and girl-scout group located in Heatherfield. Irma, his major crush, joined the Happy Bears.[2] He is good friends with Nigel.[citation needed]



Martin introduced Irma to the Happy Bears when the W.I.T.C.H. gang wasn't getting along.[2]

Later, Martin got his own girlfriend in the form of his French pen pal, Michelle,[3] who thinks he is interesting and praised his slideshow.[4]

Alternate timeline

In a possible future, Martin grew up to be a very good-looking young man but he still had his old geeky quirks. He had moved out to Midgale for work but decided to return to Heatherfield and later ran into Irma at the supermarket. He helped the girls move things out of Mrs. Rudolph's place with his truck at Irma's request. Irma found him attractive in this timeline. He then helped Will publish her first book.[5]

TV series

He believed she has feelings for him, but doubted when Irma publicly humiliated him on school-wide radio. Irma later apologized.[6]


TV series

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  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.[7]


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