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Matthew "Matt" Olsen is a character in both the W.I.T.C.H. comics and TV series. In the latter, he was voiced by Jason Marsden.[1]

Depending on the comic book arc or TV series, he changes from being a supporting character to a recurring one once he finds out about his girlfriend's destiny as leader of the Guardians.


TV series

Matt Olsen is Will's classmate and her big crush. He's lead guitarist, as well as the lead singer of his band Wreck 55. A few of his songs have been heard, which include The Demon in Me and The Will to Love, and he is seen to be a very talented singer.[2]


Matt sings and plays guitar for his band "Cobalt Blue".[3] Also, he works part-time at his grandfather's pet store along with Will and shares the same interest in animals as she does.[4] He is strong, kind, and a bit laid-back.[citation needed]


TV series

He first met Will at her birthday party.[5] He asked her to the school dance,[6] and Will and Sondra fought over him at the school ski trip.[7] He gave Will a dormouse named Mr. Huggles.[8]

Matt first learned about the Guardians when he accidentally followed the girls through a portal and found himself in Meridian.[9] After sitting on the sidelines and watching the major events in the fight to put Elyon on Meridian's throne,[10] Matt soon decided that he wanted to help, although the Guardians were reluctant to allow him to in case he was injured. As a result of this, he asked Caleb to train him how to be a warrior,[11] helping the girls fight Nerissa and the Knights of Vengeance[12][13]

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Matt was captured by Nerissa, who transformed him into Shagon, the Angel of Malice, the leader of the Knights of Destruction. Shagon has the appearance of a muscular man with feathery black wings and a golden mask on his face.[14] Shagon constantly glamoured into Matt during the day, so nobody would worry about him missing, also allowing him to spy on the girls and to make Will hate him even more.[15]

Shagon attacked the Guardians' families in order to increase their hatred, which he did successfully. He took particular joy in taunting Will, as he claimed her hatred is pure and that he was enjoying himself too much. He also claimed that he was so bad he hates him self. Will tried to appeal to his better judgement, which caused him to flee.[15] This is possibly due to Matt trying to regain control of his body and make Will aware of the situation.

It was later revealed that Matt's conscious self still existed inside Shagon's subconscious mind. The two were able to communicate and, at times, Shagon was forced to allow Matt limited control over his body (for example, when he had to sing or play an instrument) so that he could continue to pass himself off as Matt.[16]

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Shagon was in trouble of revealing that he is not really Matt when he struggled to perform up to Matt's usual standard. Matt argued with Shagon that if he did not allow him to help, he would blow his cover. Shagon reluctantly let him have some control. Matt's love for Will allowed him to break free from Nerissa's control long enough to prevent the Knights of Destruction from harming Will. During this, Matt's conscience struggled inside of Shagon's body, and he was fully freed from Shagon's power shortly afterwards, when Nerissa drained her Knights of power to fuel C.H.Y.K.N. Guardians, reverting Matt and Mr. Huggles back to their original forms.[16]

Matt was made a Regent of Earth by Lilian Hale similar to how Caleb became Elyon's champion, granting him Shagon's powers but allowing him to retain his free will, fulfilling his wish to help Will and the others effectively, but this time his powers were not based on the hatred of his enemies but his very own "Lilian powers".[17] He presumably holds one third of the power of the Heart of Earth.

Matt also fought in the Great Battle of the Infinite City using his powers.[18] He also fought in the Battle of Kandrakar.[19] When Cedric attacked Earth, all the Regents of Earth manage to create a Glamour Zone around the Guardians and Lord Cedric to keep the public from seeing a battle of the supernatural, mystical, extraordinary and magical.[20]


He and Will develop feelings for each other, their relationship climaxing when Will finally decided to entrust the secret of the Guardians to him.[21]

Later on, he became involved with Cedric and the Book of Elements, and Phobos's previous advisor, Johnathan Ludmoore, captured him.[22] This lured Will and the Guardians to open the magical book which Ludmoore is imprisoned in.[23] Inside the book, despite being powerless, Matt defeated Ludmoore by using the magic of the book itself to delete Ludmoore out of existence.[24]

Matt auditioned to become Karmilla's lead guitarist and was chosen, being forced to leave Will for his dream to become famous as a guitarist.[25] He returned to Heatherfield later.[26]

Will and Matt

Stealing W.I.T.C.H.'s powers

Matt stole the essences of the elements and the Heart itself from the Guardians.[27] It was revealed that he was moving under the Oracle's orders, who tasked Matt with preparing the Guardians to discover the roots of their powers and to defeat their new enemy, Dark Mother.[28]

Powers and abilities

TV series

Nerissa kidnapped Matt and Mr. Huggles and used his hatred of her against him by turning him into Shagon, who feeds on hatred. He has the power to generate green light beams from his eyes and can fly.[14]

After being made a Regent of Earth, Matt became able to control when he becomes Shagon and when he is Matt and is in complete control of his mind.[17] As a Regent, he possesses his original Shagon powers, teletransporting,[citation needed] and can create glamour/disguise reality with help from the other Regents.[20]

He was trained by Caleb in martial arts.[11]


TV series

Season 1

Season 2 Episodes


  • Matt's guitar in the comics is based on a Fender Stratocaster. In the TV series his guitar is based on a Gibson Flying V.
  • As the TV series progressed, in season 2, he took over Caleb's role in aiding the Guardians. Though he also supported the rebellion without the Guardians.[18]


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