"Flies never see the web until it's too late."
- Miranda in C is for Changes

Miranda[1] is a close servant of Phobos and a well-known shapeshifter. Her shapeshifting abilities makes her both effective at infiltration and in combat.

She is a character exclusive to the W.I.T.C.H. (TV series), acting as a minor villain in season one before ascending as one of the main antagonists in the early and final stages of second season. 

While masquerading as a student in Heatherfield, she went by the alias Melinda.


Miranda in her human form seems to be a calm, friendly teenage girl with the occasional quip to offer, but this is merely a facade to mask her a sadistic, nasty, and deceitful personality. She has no qualms about telling lies about herself and others if it helps to reach her goals, and is incredibly adept at convincing others that she's harmless. She also takes pleasure in using her spider form to inspire fear in others, like she does to Elyon after pretending for months to be her friend.

Miranda has shifting loyalties for most of the series, serving anyone when it's convenient. She first serves Phobos without question in the first season, yet tries to flee when he faces defeat at the finale. When Nerissa frees Miranda from the Infinite City, she doesn't hesitate to leave Phobos behind and mock him for it along the way. She doesn't care for Nerissa either, but goes through with her plans along with the other Knights. When Phobos is released by the Knights, Miranda tries to cover her act of leaving him behind by claiming to have gathered support. After being punished by him, she confides in Cedric, becoming his lover and siding with him when he attempts to conquer the universe.


Season 1

Miranda was first introduced into the animated series mid-way through Season 1 when she was brought in by Phobos to act as a friend and playmate for Elyon. In this guise she played the part of an orphaned servant girl who was taken in and cared for by Phobos after her parents were killed by monsters. Her primary role was to keep Elyon occupied, and to help Phobos maintain the illusion of being a kind and benevolent ruler, by concealing or explaining away anything that showed this not to be true. Her deception and true nature were revealed to Elyon late in season 1, when right after Phobos reveals his true intentions to Elyon, she begs Miranda for help, but she scorns her mistress and transforms into her beast form, scaring her. Miranda was imprisoned along with Phobos and the rest of his minions at the end of season 1.

Season 2

Early in season 2, Miranda was released from confinement by Nerissa. She, along with several other former minions of Phobos, joined the Knights of Vengeance. Miranda, along with Sandpit, then traveled to Earth, where she masqueraded as a new girl, Melinda, attending Sheffield, and attempted to implicate W.I.T.C.H. in Elyon's disappearance from Earth. Her efforts were thwarted when Elyon returned from Meridian.

After failing to frame W.I.T.C.H. on Earth, Miranda lead an attack on Elyon's prison, freeing Phobos, Cedric and the Lurdens who had remained loyal to them. However, her former master was less than grateful, due to the fact Miranda had not released him from his cell when Nerissa had freed her. As punishment, Phobos shrunk her to the size and form of a common spider, and abandoned her in a cell with Cedric.

When Nerissa threatened both Earth and Meridian, Caleb and the Guardians allowed Phobos to release Miranda and Cedric, on the condition that they help them to defeat Nerissa. When Phobos betrayed the Guardians, Miranda followed him, however she later double crossed her former master and joined with Lord Cedric during the invasion of Kandrakar. At which time was revealed that she and Cedric were romantically involved, and that they had been plotting against Phobos ever since he abandoned them in the castles dungeon at the beginning of the season.

Despite using the power of the Sceptre of Phobos (formerly the Seal of Nerissa), to grow to an enormous size with long spindly legs, Miranda is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Caleb, Blunk, and Sandpit and sent back into the Meridian prison.



Mirand'a beast form.

Miranda's human form is of a small Asian girl in her early teens with short black hair, green eyes and some freckles (this is inconsistent however). In Meridian, Miranda can always be seen wearing a yellow plain dress with green attachments. On earth, Miranda's outfit is changed to a white blouse with a black skirt and matching boots, allowing her to blend in more.

Miranda's beast form is of a large quadruped beast with four blue eyes and is covered in black fur with human-like arms and legs. She is sized roughly larger than most humanoids, but appears smaller compared to beings like Frost's rhinoceros. She also speaks with a notably hoarse and more mature-sounding voice than her human form. In this form, Miranda mimics many qualities associated with spiders including screeching vocalizations as well as the ability to climb on walls and create webs. Miranda is also able to assume some aspects of her beast form without fully transforming (for instance, she threatens a group of palace servants in front of Elyon by transforming only her hand).

Powers and Abilities


Miranda transforming from girl to beast


Shooting web

Miranda has the power to shoot webbing from both out her mouth to dispatch foes with a single blast, and from her rear when hanging from heights. Her webbing appears to be exceptionally strong as it can completely incapacitate both human and Galhot enemies to the extent that Vathek could break out of chains wrapped around his body but not her web, as well as providing a sturdy enough barrier to seal the guardians in a massive hole which required Cornelia to summon a gargantious mass of plant life to break through after some struggle. However, Hay Lin was able to cut through the web supporting Miranda by swiping it with her arm and Taranee Cook could easily release herself from Miranda's webbing by igniting it (though this is probably due to a difference in relative density). Miranda also has enhanced strength and agility which allows her to lift people with ease, break out of Cornelia's vines after a few twitches, and leap great heights. When knocked unconscious, Miranda returns to her human form.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • "Hey, even on a picnic there's wasps and things, right?" The Stolen Heart
  • "No, that's okay. I've known your brother a long time. He took care of me, when my parents were... when they..." The Stolen Heart
  • "Help me! Let me out! I want my mommy!" A is for Anonymous
  • "Oh master, I would try, but I might embarrass myself." A is for Anonymous
  • "I would like to see Elyon suffer." C is for Changes
  • "Perhaps your approach lacked subtlety. Clipping their wings may be less effective than breaking their spirits." C is for Changes
  • "Oh, look Sandpit! I think we just found evidence of a crime." C is for Changes
  • "I'm so glad you're here to play. It's hard to make friends when you're the new girl. (turns to her beast form as Sandpit appears) We knew you'd come. Criminals *always* return to the scene of their crime!" C is for Changes
  • "Quite a victory, Guardians. You can brag about it... from your prison cells!" C is for Changes
  • "I can't believe you took a prisoner without consulting your precious Nerissa first." F is for Facades
  • "See? Isn't it nice when we all try to just get along?" F is for Facades
  • "No master. I was gathering forces to return you to your throne." (attempting to cover leaving Phobos in his cell) J is for Jewel
  • "Master, what about Lord Cedric?" J is for Jewel
  • "Master, you saved them?" (after Phobos rescues slaves) Y is for Yield
  • "Is it all that you hoped, my lord?" Z is for Zenith
  • "But my darling Cedric would scold me for eating on the job." Z is for Zenith
  • "And now to leave the Guardians with nothing!" (attempting to destroy the Aurameres) Z is for Zenith




  • Miranda's Asian appearance and status as Cedric's lover have caused many fans to believe that her character was based on Orube.
  • While Orube was helping Cedric get closer to the good side and achieve redemption in the comics, Miranda was aiding Cedric in his villainy and to become the ultimate enemy at the end of the series.
  • It's unknown if Miranda's human form is representative of her true age. Considering her implied romantic relationship with Cedric whose human form is quite older than hers, it can be assumed her little girl visage is just a disguise.
  • According to Cedric in The Rebel Rescue, Miranda enjoys eating Passling meat. She demonstrates this in Z is for Zenith when she tries to eat Blunk.
  • In her beast form, Miranda has no visible mouth. The only exceptions to this are seen very briefly in The Final Battle and B is for Betrayal.
  • Miranda was voiced by Grey DeLisle[2][3]. Her spider form's voice was provided in the first season by Susan Silo and her human form was voiced in one episode by B. J. Ward.
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