Miriadel is a Meridianite that took care of Elyon Brown as she grew up on Earth. In the comics, she was a captain in the army prior to the beginning of Phobos' reign.


Comic Book

Using the alias Eleanor Brown, Miriadel raised Elyon until she was fooled by Cedric to cross the Veil into Meridian. She was taken captive and jailed in Cavigor until rescued by the Guardians. After the defeat of Phobos, Miriadel took care of Elyon in the Meridian Castle during her reign as queen.

Television Series

Season 1

When Phobos seized the throne from Queen Weira and her consort Zayden (his parents), Galgheita Rudolph stole the infant Elyon and carried her to earth using the Seal of Phobos. Miradel and her partner Alborn were chosen to raise the baby as their own.

Thirteen years later Elyon, under the influence of Cedric, begins asking questions about her lack of extended family. Miriadel tries to make excuses but Elyon isn't convinced and storms out of the house. Later at Parent's Night, their true identities and forms are exposed and Elyon flees to Meridian in fear and the Guardians later see them being lead away by Phobos's soldiers in chains.

Miriadel and Alborn with Elyon in the comic.

They are next referred to when Caleb reveals they are imprisoned in Cavigor, an underground prison, so the Guardians create a plan to free them. At the same time, Elyon expresses her desire to see her parents again so Phobos sends Cedric to fetch them but has them drugged with hallucinogens prior so they won't tell Elyon of his true personality. Despite some close calls the Guardians manage to free the Browns and all the other prisoners and thereafter Miriadel implores the Guardians not to give up on Elyon and rescue her which Cornelia reaffirms.

Season 2

In C is for Changes, She's part of the facade to fool the police that her family was on very long vacation travelling the world after concern is raised about the Browns being gone for too long.

In J is for Jewel she forms a defence of Elyon to protect her from an escaped Phobos.

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