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A Mogriff is a semi-humanoid shape-shifter that is native to Meridian. They only appear in the TV series as the titular characters in the Season One episode, The Mogriffs.


In their natural state, Mogriffs look like thin gargoyles. They are muscular and have a hunched over posture. Notable features include leathery wings, a long snout with rows of sharp teeth, and talons. Skin coloration ranges from swampy greens, to dirty browns, to dark yellow. A Mogriff's eyes are yellow, and reflect light like those of a dog. Mogriffs also appear to be sapient, and have demonstrated the ability to speak with some difficulty, and the ability to comprehensively wield Meridianite weaponry. Mogriffs' most prominent feature is their shape-shifting ability. They are also relatively strong as one was able to lift Will and throw her with ease.

Mogriffs can imitate/shapeshift into any being they see, even if seen only from a picture. Although this is a useful ability, it is almost functionally equivalent to a glamour spell: the change in shape only affects appearance and voice. It does not affect the Mogriff's abilities (like flight and strength), posture, and beastly demeanor. It is different from a glamour spell for two reasons. First, it alters the actual shape of the beast, changing its mass and size. Second, the Mogriff's attributes show through, such as the claws, teeth, posture and eyes. If severely hurt in their imitation form, Mogriffs will return to their gargoyle form, although gradual changes can happen prior to this.


Phobos summoned five Mogriffs to imitate the Guardians. He used them to fool Elyon into believing that her friends were working to destroy Meridian by setting fire to the surrounding village, which was just a bonfire, made by the guards. After they accomplished this, causing Elyon severe doubt, they battled the Guardians and Caleb who had just arrived in Phobos' arena.[1]

The Guardians were unable to fully transform because Cornelia was separated from them while in possession of the Heart of Kandrakar. The battle raged in favor of the Mogriffs, until Cornelia reunited with her friends, allowing them to use their Guardian forms. The battle ended quickly, returning the Mogriffs to their beast forms knocked out. Elyon saw the last part of the skirmish, and was convinced that the Guardians were attacking the castle with the Mogriffs as allies.[1]


  • The Mogriffs appear in the first season's opening theme.
  • The Morgriffs weren't seen again after this episode, but they were mentioned by Hay Lin in V is for Victory.


Images of Mogriffs.