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Morpions are tiny scorpion-like creatures native to Meridian. They made some appearances in the W.I.T.C.H. TV series.


Morpions are scarlet-orange, scorpions.


Morpions were released from spiked, mechanical devices called spike wheels by Phobos' army to attack his enemies.[1]

The spiked wheels were used by some Lurdens, Castle Guards and Cedric, in order to get Caleb and Blunk. The Guardians and Caleb soon came to the area to try and find Blunk, who was perfectly fine. However, they discovered a Castle Guard was injured by one of the spikes from the wheel, and against Caleb's complaints, the Guardians helped him. Soon Morpions were released and one of them managed to inject Morpion venom into Taranee, resulting in her being asleep for 24 hours.[2]

Powers & abilities

These small insects will attack the victim with a stinger on their tails. Their tails will inject the Morpion venom into the victim which will put them to sleep for 24 hours. But the Morpions are still dangerous with it being heavily implied that multiple bites could have fatal results.[citation needed]



Images of Morpions.