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Mr. Huggles, simply called Dormouse in the comics, is Will Vandom's pet in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and Matt Olsen's pet in the TV series.



Will rescued the dormouse from Uriah and his gang, who were bullying it. She met Matt, who gave her some advice on how to care for him and reassured her that they are "made for one another" even though Will was worried she won't know how to look after him properly.[1] Will doesn't name the dormouse, simply referring to him as "Dormouse".

Dormouse remained a faithful pet to Will, often consoling her in times of crisis and sadness.[citation needed] Even though he is naughty, eating papers and an entire jar full of cookies, he is a loyal companion.[2]

He is often startled and confused by magical events that occur around Will, such as her transforming into a Guardian and seeing her and her astral drop in the same room together.[citation needed]

Dormouse accompanied Will on her adventure to Meridian. He aided her in a battle against Cedric by biting his tail.[3]

Dormouse was accidentally hit by a car. Will rushed him to Mr. Olsen, Matt's grandfather, but he was put to sleep. Matt consoled her for her loss afterwards and kissed her on the cheek.[4]

TV series

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Season 1

In the TV series, Matt gifted Will the dormouse named Mr. Huggles. However Will's mother didn't allow her to keep him, and so she asked Irma to keep an eye on him while she attempted to talk her mother around to the idea of her having a pet. However Irma got attached and Will couldn't bring herself to take him back.[citation needed]

Mr. Huggles was eventually passed on to Hay Lin after Irma was unable to keep him. During his time with Hay Lin, he inspires the attack plan on Elyon's coronation after Hay Lin watched him run through his pipes.[5]

Season 2

Mr. Huggles got out of his cage and ran amok in The Silver Dragon, leading Yan Lin to order Hay Lin to get rid of him, leading to him being passed onto a reluctant Taranee. However this was short lived as her mother objected to him being in the house, partly due to her husband's allergies to fur. Cornelia was then asked to look after Mr. Huggles, however this too was short lived after Cornelia's sister Lilian let Huggles out to play with their cat Napoleon, causing the two to cause a mess. During the final battle with the Annihilators, Elyon took care of him, though when going to return him he once again escaped his cage. Matt offered to take Huggles back.[6]

When Matt was kidnapped by Nerissa, Huggles was taken as well, and he was turned into Khor. Much to Nerissa's chagrin, Khor remained loyal to Matt, recognizing him as his owner. When Matt was turned into Shagon, this loyalty remained.[7] As one of the Knights of Destruction, Khor was a formidable foe for the Guardians, drawing his power from the anger they felt.

When Matt finally managed to defeat Shagon from within, he commanded Huggles, meaning his loyalties were always to Matt and not Nerissa. Shortly afterwards, Nerissa drained the powers of the Nights of Destruction, returning Matt and Huggles to their original forms. Huggles stayed with Will as Matt performs with his band.[8]

Huggles along with Matt and Cornelia's cat Napoleon became a Regent of Earth. This allowed him to once again assume his Khor form, though his powers were now fueled by the Heart of Earth rather than his enemies feelings of anger.[9]

Differences between the comics and TV series

The dormouse plays very different roles in the comic versus the TV series.

Comic TV series
Will rescued the dormouse from Uriah Matt gifted Will the dormouse
The dormouse was Will's companion Will gave the dormouse away
The dormouse has no name The dormouse is called Mr. Huggles
Nerissa used a lost puppy to create Khor Nerissa transformed the Dormouse into Khor
The dormouse was hit by a car and died at the vet The dormouse is still alive and well at the end of the series


  • Taranee recognized Mr. Huggles as the species Muscardinus Avellanarius, or the common Hazel Dormouse, found primarily in Europe.[citation needed]
  • Dormouse/Mr. Huggles's death almost resembles that of Hedwig from the Harry Potter franchise.



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