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The naiad is a fictional creature that appears in Arc 8: Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H.


The naiad are creatures from the Fast World that resemble a small, white female snake-like dragon.


This creature was brought by Liam from his homeworld on Takeda's orders. Takeda planed to use the naiad to attack the W.I.T.C.H. girls one by one.[1] Its first and fortunately last victim on Earth was Will. The naiad entered Will's room sensing her strong magical powers.[2]

Powers and abilities


A naiad is a hungry parasite that feeds on the vital life force and only magical creatures can endure its fatal effect. Liam stated that the naiad is a parasitic reptile that under normal circumstances is nothing but a snake. It spends most of its time waiting but when a seldom prey crosses with it they get fired up with the greed of predation. It feeds on strength and magic.[2]

When a naiad attacks its victim it enters the being's system. Often the signs are the sudden change of the normal skin tone to pale, feelings of exhaustion, and the appearance of the naiad's enigmatic eyes on almost every part of the body. When the naiad gathers enough power it possesses the host's body. At this stage, any magic that comes in contact with it is absorbed. The only one that can defeat the naiad is the person who is willing to lose their own power just to save the victim that the naiad got her powers from.[2]