Napoleon is a normal black cat in the Comic Books, given as present from Will Vandom to Cornelia.

In the TV series, due to Lillian Hale's wish, he gains the ability to talk and becomes one of the Regents of Earth.



When Caleb transformed to a flower, Will gave him to Cornelia but Cornelia didn't warm up to him and gave him to her little sister instead. At first, Cornelia hated him for attacking flower Caleb but discovered it was actually to protect it from a crow, and she warms up to him.

TV series

Originally, Will bought him from Matt's grandfather's pet store as a present for Cornelia Hale to help her to try and get over her heartbreak over Caleb. Cornelia, disliking the gift, gives Napoleon to Lillian.

In U is for Undivided, Lilian wishes that Napoleon could talk. Due to her powers as the Heart of Earth, Napoleon gains the ability as her familiar.

Later in the same episode, Lillian knights Napoleon, along with Mr. Huggles and Matt Olsen, and became a Regent of Earth.

On Halloween, it is possible to steal the power of the Heart of Earth by killing the Heart's familiar.[1] This makes Napoleon a target for Nerissa, though with help from W.i.t.c.h, he manages to escape her.

In Z is for Zenith, Napoleon and the other Regents of Earth create a glamor Zone to disguise the Guardians' fight with Cedric.



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