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New Element is an entity that appeared in Arc 7: New Power.


The entity has the appearance of a female figure made up of white and blue energy, and inside her, giving her power, are the bracelets that Matt gave to the Guardians when each one of them managed to find the root of their powers, with the shape of the elements' signs. When the entity turned into stone, the bracelets returned to the girls.


When the Guardians, during the final battle to free Kandrakar from Dark Mother, were finally united through Yan Lin's effort, they called forth all of their magic and combined, which resulted into summoning a new element, colder than winter, hotter than a star, who is the embodiment of the Guardians' unbreakable friendship.[1]

The entity that they conjured battled Dark Mother easily and did its ultimate purpose, which was to imprison Dark Mother, trapping the former elemental queen for eternity into a prison of rock and turned herself into rock to guard it. According to Yan Lin, the entity should remain intact as long as the friendship between the W.I.T.C.H. girls also remains well.[1]