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New Power is a power enhancement that involves a new outfit, new powers, and strengthening their old abilities. The W.I.T.C.H. girls found that their old Guardian and elemental powers had vanished, seemingly without a trace,[1] but when they received the core of Kandrakar's powers, the elements in their purest forms, they were able to transform into their magical forms again - except this time, they each have slight alterations to their winged teal-and-purple costumes.[2]

The girls discovered that they cannot use these new, considerably greater powers properly as of yet. Matt revealed himself to have orders from the Oracle and said he would train them. In order for the girls to fully control their "New Power" Guardian magic, they had to find the root of their powers, to complete their transformation. To symbolise this, when each girl found the root of her powers, Matt gave her a band which was a symbol of their element.[2]

Altered costumes

All of the new outfits showed less skin. Out of all the outfits, Cornelia's outfit and hair is the one that changes the least. Taranee's locks grow longer, Hay Lin's hair loses the 2 ponytails and acquires 2 buns on her head, Irma's outfit is less revealing than before and her hair grows, and Will has a full short and shirt outfit. Each one has their elemental symbol on their tops.

Their wings could grow larger than before[2] and can spread out up to 18 feet long,[citation needed] and all the girls can fly freely but Irma, Taranee, Will and especially Cornelia were still uncomfortable with flying especially at high altitudes. Hay Lin is rather comfortable with them since she already had the ability to fly as the air Guardian.[3]

Finding their roots

Each girl earned their new, stronger elemental and Guardian powers in their own unique way:

  • Will found the root of her power when she was in a dream world Dark Mother made for her, and she discovered her bonds with her friends.[4]
  • Irma found the root of her power by choosing love over magic when she found lost rings in the sewer while on a mission to defeat Dark Mother.[5] (Her root achievement doesn't exactly represent water, so some fans are questioning the writer on how she achieved her roots.)
  • Taranee found the root of her power by discovering she was adopted and finding out that fire entered her life early to protect her from Dark Mother, leaving her parents with no choice but to give Taranee away.[6]
  • Cornelia found the root of her power by having a dream of her losing her way in a forest, and finding out it was true.[2]
  • Hay Lin found the root of her power by entering two hurricanes of her own volition and sacrificing herself for the city of Heatherfield.[3]