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Nymphs are absolute and powerful beings that existed at the beginning of time, and are the creators of the Kandrakar fortress and the origin of the Aurameres that fuel the powers of the Guardians.


Joan Lin told Hay Lin the legend of the Four Dragons and the nymph Xin Jing. The girls figured out that the story is somehow connected to them and their power.[1]

When the girls went to see the Oracle in Kandrakar to seek answer about switching or choosing their power and what was going to happen if they did, the Oracle gave them the chance to choose first by entering the Hall of the Auras. The Aurameres of the four elements changed their colors into gray except for Will's because her position as the keeper of the Heart is unquestionable due to the Heart itself choosing her unlike the others.[2]

The Oracle then lead them to the Passage of Memory and gave them a chart. When they entered the depths of the passage, the wall told them the history of Kandrakar and its Guardians. The wall asked them if they knew the origins of their powers. They answered with the tale of the nymph Xin Jing, and the Four Dragons.[2]

The wall told them that it was just a legend, but like every legend it has some truths. Xin Jing, the nymph of the elements, was one of the five nymphs, absolute beings, together with Oneide, the nymph of life, Tea, the nymph of the sun, Ebla, the nymph of the moon, and finally N'ghala, the nymph of the stars.[2]

The five nymphs took care of the continuous changing worlds and remained spectators of the places where didn't arrive. A negative energy brought hatred and violence by breaking the harmony of the origins. To combat these negative energies the five absolute being created the fortress of Kandrakar, a rampart in the center of infinity, a magic and remote place to supervise the universe. The nymph N'ghala became the first Oracle in the thousand years history of Kandrakar.[2]


  • In Greek mythology, nymphs were semi-divine beings or a lesser goddesses one of the best known being the sea nymph, Amphitrite, married to Poseidon. The divine nature of these minor deities gave inspiration to the absolute beings who created Kandrakar.