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O is for Obedience is the fifteenth episode of season 2, and the forty-first episode overall of the TV series.


In Meridian, Nerissa was in the Infinite City prison, speaking to her former Knights of Vengeance. Caleb, Julian and the other rebels entered the prison. Nerissa told Julian that “numbers don’t lie” before teletransporting out, leaving Caleb confused.

Meanwhile in Heatherfield, the K-Ship radio team, with the help of Will, Taranee, Hay Lin and Cornelia, were preparing for Vance Michael Justin’s concert. Irma begans to annoy the others by ordering them around, but she was far kinder to Martin.

In Meridian, Julian and Caleb travelled to McKenzian Falls where Julian showed Caleb the Mage’s coffin. Julian revealed that the Mage has been dead for eighteen years and Nerissa has been posing as her ever since. He also revealed that seventeen years ago, he fell in love with the Mage and they had a child - meaning that Nerissa is Caleb’s mother.

In Heatherfield, Irma continued to order her friends around, which got on their nerves and caused them all to quit. Irma attemptted to set up the concert on her own, but the job was too difficult. Just as Irma was debating apologizing, her friends returned as they did not want to miss out on Vance’s concert. Irma was still being overly nice to Martin and he demanded to know why. Irma revealed that she still felt guilty about making Martin feel like a loser and she does not want to do it again. Martin reassured her that she does not need to feel guilty, and that their relationship is a balance of annoyance and rejection with no room for pity or guilt.

Caleb returned to the Meridian Palace and asksed Blunk to fold him to Mount Thanos so he could confront Nerissa. On arrival at the top of the mountain, Nerissa knocked Caleb out with her quintessence. Caleb awoke in the same cave Nerissa was trapped in years before. Nerissa explained that her reason for having Caleb was to have someone who could unite the Meridianites and overthrow Prince Phobos, allowing Nerissa to eventually seize power over Meridian. Caleb expressed shock at seeing Cassidy’s ghost, and Nerissa explained that soon Cassidy will live again and that all worlds will bow to Nerissa’s will.

The Vance Michael Justin concert was about to begin in Heatherfield and Irma and Martin started the radio show. However, the show was not broadcasting as there was a missing connection in the circuit – the stage microphone. Irma attempted to make it onto the stage to connect the microphone and Vance thanked her in front of the audience. Irma accepted the thanks, but neglected to credit her friends for the work they put in. Suddenly, Julian and Blunk folded in and landed in the middle of the stage. Vance thought this was part of Irma’s plan to introduce his new song, Fantasy Love, and thanked her again. Julian told the Guardians about Caleb and Nerissa and they decided to go to Mount Thanos to rescue Caleb.

The Guardians arrived at Mount Thanos and battled the Knights of Destruction. Cornelia distracted Khor, allowing Julian and Blunk to go into the cave and rescue Caleb. Nerissa revealed to Caleb that she wants him to rule beside her and offered him part of her power. Caleb pretended to be under Nerissa’s control before grabbing the Heart of Meridian. However, it instantly transported back into Nerissa’s hand. Nerissa berated Caleb for not listening to her, and Caleb said her dream is that of every petty tyrant and that they will beat her just like they did Phobos. Nerissa was about to attack Caleb when Julian arrived and told her that if their love could create a person like Caleb, then there must have been good in her once. Nerissa relented and allowed them to leave, but warned them not to cross her again. Caleb returned to Meridian alone, whilst the Guardians returned to Heatherfield.

By the time the Guardians made it back to Vance’s concert, it was the final encore. Irma apologized to her friends and told Vance that they deserved credit for putting the concert. Vance revealed that he is a fan of radio production and left with Martin to discuss soundboards, leaving Irma stunned.

Release notes

Behind the scenes


  • Every second-season episode has a clear focus on one of the five main characters. This episode is one of 5 in the season to focus on Irma Lair.
  • This episode marks the first actual appearance of Vance Michael Justin, who was first discussed and seen on posters in Return of The Tracker. However, his appereance in this episode is focused on his career as a singer instead of an actor.
  • It is revealed that Nerissa is Caleb's mother.
  • Nerissa punishes Ember for her disobedience.
  • Martin and Vance bond at the end of the episode.
  • This episode has the first demonstrated instance of being unable to take a mystic heart by force. Caleb tries to steal the Heart of Meridian, but it instantly teletransported back to Nerissa. It had previously been established that the Aurameres could not be taken by force.
  • Caleb's age is questionable, as in the second episode, Caleb says he is 15 years old, but in this episode it is stated that Julian and the Mage fell in love 17 years ago and had a child. Season 1 presumably unfolds over less than a full school year as it ends in winter, and season 2 continues immediately after season 1. By the time of this episode, it is well after the following summer, for which vacation had ended as of L is for Loser. Based on this timeline, Caleb should not be 17 years old yet. However, a pregnancy is about 9 months, so perhaps the timing simply meant that they conceived 17 years ago, or that some time elapsed between when they fell in love and when Caleb was conceived as perhaps Julian meant they fell in love 17 years ago not Caleb was born 17 years ago.