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The Oracle is a title possessed by the leader of the Congregation of Kandrakar. The position seems to come with powers enabling them to know the future and access to certain parts of the fortress. This role is mostly explored through the comics and not the TV series.

Known Oracles

In the comics, the title of Oracle can refer to the following characters:

  • N'ghala, the nymph of the star serves as the first oracle right after Kandrakar was created.
  • Himerish, the sole Oracle for the first three arcs, the fifth, and the sixth arc.
  • Endarno (possessed by Prince Phobos), the Oracle when Himerish was deposed of his position and was exiled.
  • Yan Lin, Hay Lin's grandmother and the previous Guardian of Air. She becomes the Oracle at the end of the New Power Arc.

The Dispute

The Dispute is a challenge which a member of the congregation can make to the Oracle. Losing the Dispute can be a threat to that Oracle's credibility. The congregation ultimately decide [1] Endarno (while possessed by Phobos) used this to challenge Himerish's fitness for the position. Himerish ultimately lost and was sentenced to exile.

Passing on the title

When a new Oracle is chosen, members of the congregation can stand forward as candidates. The Congregation votes for the new Oracle, which, ordinarily, is a unanimous decision. The chosen Oracle then receives the Mark of Illumination from a butterfly, which grants them knowledge and wisdom.[2]

Finally, to gain the full powers of the Oracle, they must bathe in the Fountain of Tranquility.[2]