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Orristur is a villain in the ninth arc. He controls sharks and fought with Mareeve. He is a Saarnin shark king who wanted to marry Mareeve in order to expand his territory. He wields a sword which has a hilt that looks as if it is made of spiky coral. He was eventually defeated by the Guardians.


during his invasion

Orristur was one of the Saarnin rulers of the sea. It is not clear when did he began his invasion but it reached the starfish kingdom ruled by the old king Wishtarr. In order for him to truly gain dominions over the starfish kingdom he plotted to marry Mareeve who was the daughter and true heir of the starfish king. Unfortunately for him the princess was able to escape by living in the land with a mortal guise.[1]

Present time

He seemed to remain inactive in the following century but it turns out that he was just waiting for Mareeve for a hundred years. He mocked Mareeve and her starfish stating that they are no match against his shark army. However Mareeve's powers were amplified by the red night and by Irma's power. In the end he was defeated.[1]