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Behind her warrior façade hides a generous spirit.

Taranee about Orube, Issue 031: The Voice of Silence pin-up illustration


Orube is a feline warrior from the warrior world of Basilíade. Appointed by the Oracle to originally replace Taranee,[1] Orube eventually found herself her own role and spot in the W.I.T.C.H. team, aiding greatly with espionage, tracking, keeping an eye on important personas, and other tasks while the Guardians are preoccupied by either school or their current mission.

She first appeared in Issue 028: So Near, Yet So Far in July 2003, being introduced in the third arc. She does not appear in the TV series.


Orube is fair-skinned with pouty lips, yellow eyes and hair styled as indigo or purple in illustrations, kept in a bobcut with an undershave and a fringe.[1] She has a small frame but a tall and muscular physique, and she trains everyday in the morning to keep herself in shape.[2]

In her real form, she also has a red "mask" over her eyes, which is most likely red fur markings of an adult feline Basiliadian. She does not have a tail, but she has relatively longer pointed ears. Orube also has notable fangs.

Orube's white warrior garbs have teal blue cloud-like patterns. The garbs compose of a kimono top with teal linings, a pair of pants, and a pink obi around around her waist. She also wraps a pink bandanna around her hair to keep it up.[1] The kimono top probably has an invisible pocket, which Orube once used to keep Will's old phone inside while tracking the astral drops.[3]

While in Heatherfield, Orube adopted Will's (and Susan's[4]) clothes. She also wears headbands[5] and beanies[6] from time to time, and even puts her hair in a bun secured with pens and pencils sometimes.[2]


Orube is a cautious but curious and straightforward individual. She seems proud of her culture and heritage, and fondly remembers her home[7] as she goes about in Heatherfield, trying to discover what it might offer her. She does not easily trust people, and oftentimes does not appreciate jokes or metaphors.[citation needed]

Her facade is that of a proud, fearless warrior, but inside, she has doubts about herself.[4] She may bravely face what the world has to offer and carry on with what task is given to her, but in the time she has to herself, she questions herself,[2] too. Sometimes, she even meditates about her past, trying to connect it to her present.[7]

Accompanying her cranky attitude towards the people she does not trust, is her odd but much-appreciated sweetness towards those she knows she can rely on.[citation needed] She took on the path of a warrior because of her love and respect for her warrior father.[7] She stayed in Heatherfield because of her loyalty to the Guardians and her curiosity for their 'strange' ways.[8] She connected with Lord Cedric, being similarly different as he is from the humans of Heatherfield, and became the closest thing to a friend for him, offering him coffee[9] and indulging in his chess hobby.[10]

Orube also seemingly loves the word and concept of "passion". It is the one thing she believes Luba has passed to her, and she was charmed by journalism professor William Korter's words on how his profession is a passion.[2] Orube hence attends to her roles with almost too much diligence, faithfulness, and loyalty.

She is also fond of the romance and action genres, often thinking of reading such books or watching such movies or shows on TV.[11]



Orube was born to a warrior family with a strict father and a seemingly gentle mother. She greatly adored her father, and she would not leave him when the time for her schooling came.[7]

Eventually, during the Ceremony of Great Light, she left her father's side when he threatened dishonor and shame, and attended the Garden of Two Suns reluctantly. However, meeting Luba changed her.[citation needed]

As a young pupil Orube read through multiple stacks of books and memorized them, wearing white robes customary of a young Basiliadean.[2] But as she grew older, stronger, and wiser, she eventually opted for the red robes of training and was allowed in the weapons hall, where she chooses a sword, most likely a katana.[7] She became Luba's finest pupil.[1]

However, in her final stages of training, where her task was to beat the Golden Messenger, she ignored the Messenger's intentions to talk, especially when they took on her form, and simply swung her sword about to defeat them. Orube was at first unsure that she truly defeated the Messenger, and Luba instructed her to wear the special ring that could only be worn when she officially finished her training. As expected, the ring flied away from her finger.[citation needed]

Orube moved to Kandrakar to continue her training. She even regarded Oracle Himerish as 'Master' or 'Teacher'.[citation needed]

Third Arc: A Crisis on Both Worlds

Orube in her human form

Similar to how the Oracle and Luba was, Orube was introduced as a very proud warrior who conformed to the rules of Kandrakar and the way of the Basiliadean warrior. She mentioned how she knows how well passion and discipline were, and Tibor warned her of her attitude.[12]

Orube was called in to be a replacement for Taranee, who temporarily quit the team after expressing her dislike for Oracle Himerish for not telling them everything about their Guardianship and their powers, which had a tendency to surprise them.[citation needed]

However, Orube proved to be more of a heavy baggage to the girls than an ally. Her adherence to the warrior's way prevented her from connecting with the Guardians at first, and Irma was the most annoyed about the situation.[1][4] To hopefully educate Orube about the Guardians' own ways, the Oracle sent her to Heatherfield, where she was to live in Mrs. Rudolph's old house, Villa Rudolph, posing as her niece attending college.[1]

Orube joined the girls for their mission in Arkhanta, and one time, she fell prisoner to the banshee's powers.[7] The event traumatized her and eventually urges her to change and think about herself, as she had hurt her allies and even the Oracle, under the banshee's hypnotism and influence. She opened up to Will and Orube realized the errors of her ways. Finally, she was able to wear the special ring Luba gave her, which symbolized that she has finally completed her training as a warrior. The first sign of her character development came in the form of her asking Will for a job, and Will recommended working at the Olsen's Petshop.[citation needed]

When Taranee rejoined the team, Orube felt sad about being replaced just as she found her spot in the group. However, she was welcomed to stay with them, and even Irma said that W.I.T.C.H. had become stronger at this new development.[13] Orube then helped the girls defeat Ari, free Yua, and give life back to the weakened Maqi. While she had the choice to leave Heatherfield, she chose to stay to learn more about the ways of the humans.[8]

She also assisted the Guardians in dealing with the Interpol agents for a while[5] and track down the escaped astral drops.[3]

Fourth Arc: Trial of the Oracle

After that, Orube also allowed the girls to have meetings on their missions inside Villa Rudolph.

For some time, she became host to Queen Elyon.[14] She allowed Elyon to use one of the rooms in Villa Rudolph and later watched a Karmilla concert with her from the TV.[15]

Oddly enough, while Phobos (as Endarno) reigned Kandrakar, none of the elders remembered her. Using that to their advantage, though, Orube freely went back to Basiliade to retrieve the former Oracle, Himerish, and urge him back to Kandrakar.[16] She then guarded over the Breath of Time, and that proved to be useful when it malfunctioned due to Phobos' malicious influence. She and Matt teamed up to make excuses for W.I.T.C.H. to their worried families.[17]

Orube Special

Orube also eventually joined Heatherfield University for real, enrolling under its journalism program. She also joined the team for the school paper under Isabel Pilgrim's lead, with fellow journalists Majid and Joshua Prescott, a firefighter volunteer.[4]

Orube also applied for her professor, William Korter's magazine under Heatherfield News, where she also worked with a certain Wally de Polly in a very peculiar-looking building.[18] However, the job required her to constantly think up of new ideas and she was constantly drained.[citation needed]

Fifth Arc: The Book of Elements

Orube was also tasked to care after the odd creature We, but Wally de Polly found him in the office and kept him as a charm.[19] While grateful since We caused her allergies, Orube was also lonely. Her investigation for new ideas eventually lead her to Heatherfield's history, as told by Dean Collins, and towards Lord Cedric, who was then carrying out his punishment in Heatherfield, under Joshua Prescott's words that a bookstore recently opened.[citation needed]

Perhaps due to her loneliness, Orube was drawn towards Cedric. She spooked him out at first due to her ability to sneak in and out, freely and quietly, but she eventually earned his friendship. She offered him coffee that they both found disgusting, mostly due to bitterness, and he offered to accompany her to lunch that day.[9]

After Cedric locked Matt Olsen into the Book of Elements, Orube nursed her suspicions and watched Cedric closely,[20] while the Guardians looked for their elemental stones to unlock the Book of Elements. Her loyal task wore her out and fatigue caught up to her, leaving her asleep after Cedric offered her a cup of tea. Curiously, Cedric did not do anything to her while she was vulnerable.[21]

Even when she finally went home,[11] after watching Cedric closely for a while, she still came back to Ye Olde Bookshop to await the Book's instructions with Cedric.[22] She sometimes read book or played chess with him while she was bored.

When the Book of Elements prompted Will for the Heart of Kandrakar, the Guardians were absorbed inside the book, along with Cedric and Orube.[10] Orube ended up being in the second chapter, where the old Jonathan Ludmoore summoned the elements. Orube and Taranee helped Hay Lin and Will climb up from the cliff. After the girls were chased by the magic storming Ludmoore's villa, they proceeded into the next chapter.[23]

In the third chapter, they found a forest, when Orube was taken by what seemed to be an pterodactyl. Irma rescued her by throwing a rock at the flying dinosaur, and the Guardians reunited. The dinosaurs forced them out of the forest and towards the shore, where they met Cedric in his real form. He tried to recruit Orube to his side, but she refused. In frustration, he sloppily threw an energy blast towards her feet, which she easily missed.[23]

Cedric then bargained with Will for the Heart by mentioning Matt, but Orube prevented Will from giving up the Heart. Ludmoore threw a deadly energy blast towards Orube, but Cedric, overcome with his feelings for her, slithered in to use himself as a shield. Ludmoore went into a rage and begins throwing fire at the group.[23]

Orube helped Cedric walk into the forest, also assisted by Cornelia. Lead by the transfiguring cards from Kandrakar, the group finds themselves inside a cave. Cedric was brought to lie down against a huge slab of stone, and is offered healing. He refused, since they need ink to proceed, and dying inside the book returns something or someone into ink. He bequeathed his last words to Orube, mentioning how he's forgotten himself, but Orube always remembered herself, her past, and her home, and that he probably disillusioned himself with the thought that he, too, could bask in that same Basiliadian sunlight she always dreamed of, hinting that he might have wanted to be with her.[23]

Cedric died while caressing Orube's face, her hand holding his, and he turned into ink. Sorrowful as she was, Orube requested for the feather quill that Hay Lin picked up, used the ink that resulted from Cedric's death, and wrote "Goodbye" as the last chapter's title.[23] When she entered the last chapter, she fell to her knees and cried. Will helped Orube up, but Orube's sorrow prevented her from actively helping the girls defeat Ludmoore.[24]

When Matt found a way to defeat Ludmoore, he and the girls exit the book safely. They wrote "The End!" on the last page, but Orube hastily took the book, shutting it close and pressing it against her chest. The group was taken to Kandrakar by flying giant versions of the transfiguring cards, and they were all given a necklaces with ring pendants as commemoration for their success. They went back to Heatherfield shortly after, but Orube headed to the bookstore for "unfinished business".[24] It was not shown what she meant by such.

While the Guardians celebrated Susan Vandom's marriage to Dean Collins and the success of their mission, Orube suffered quietly. She took We back from Wally de Polly and left her entire life and career in Heatherfield. In pity, the Oracle allowed Orube to keep the Book of Elements, and left her to her sorrows. She mourned Cedric's death and what they could've been, as she stared into Cedric's reflection in Kandrakar's fountains. They both made a motion to kiss, but Orube's tears made Cedric disappear,[24] reflecting how they would never be together.

Orube went back to Basiliade,[25] and the Guardians never hear from her in person ever again.


As she was the best of Luba’s students, Orube is a very skilled warrior. Since Orube was able to shoot powerful energy blasts from her hands, she presumably has all the powers that Luba had as the protector of the Aurameres. Orube also demonstrates strong hand to hand combat skills which, coupled with her cat-like agility, makes her a formidable opponent.[citation needed]


Love interest

Lord Cedric

Cedric is Orube's main love interest in the series. While they are formally enemies to each other, they enjoy a fairly amicable bond that they both respect.[citation needed]


Will Vandom

Will was most active with figuring Orube out, perhaps because Will is the leader of the Guardians and as the leader, it is her responsibility to look out for her teammates. Will tried her best to be patient with Orube's many quirks and preferences, but she does her best to stand her ground and commit to her own opinions. She also helped Orube with her wardrobe[4] and even lent her old cellphone so Orube can communicate.[3]

Because of this, Orube grew closest with Will among the Guardians. They sometimes hang out together.[19] Orube even confided in Will, especially with big choices regarding her life in Heatherfield, such as getting a job with the Olsen's Pet Shop[13] and going for another job with Heatherfield News.[2]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Will as a teacher.[2]

Irma Lair

Irma might not have the warmest of welcomes to Orube, but they eventually enjoyed a mostly civil relationship with the exception of calling names for each other, such as "Pussycat" for Orube[1] and "Fish-Face" for Irma.[3]

Irma was at first against welcoming Orube to the team, mostly because Orube was handed Villa Rudolph[1] and she was the replacement for Taranee.[4] Likewise, Orube didn't like Irma because she didn't appreciate Irma's jokes. Irma was also the one who's usually affected financially[4][26] to cover up for Orube's mistakes. But, over time and with Will's comforting words,[4] Irma got over her initial hatred towards Orube and warms up to her as a valuable member of the team, especially with tracking people down.[8] She even tried to help Orube with learning how to cook,[2] even if that didn't end too well.

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Irma as a teacher.[2]

Taranee Cook

Taranee wasn't present when Orube was first introduced,[12] but they more or less get along and have a very civil, very professional relationship with each other.[13] With Hay Lin's help, they took Ari down.[8]

Taranee also taught Orube how to operate a camera for her club,[2] and developed the film for her. Taranee was very patient with Orube, even if Orube was being very impatient.

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Taranee as a teacher.[2]

Cornelia Hale

Cornelia was more or less civil when Orube was introduced to the team, most likely because she was still dealing with her recent break-up with Caleb.[4] However, Cornelia was also willing to stand up for her original teammates when Orube's perspective caused more harm than help to the team.

With wisdom, Cornelia realized[7] that Orube had been more or less hypnotized by Yua when the warrior began attacking the Oracle. Cornelia also figured out that Orube would appreciate catering instead of an actual cooking lesson, to appease Orube's new friends from university, and called in a chef to prepare dinner for the journalism club.[2]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Cornelia as a teacher.[2]

Hay Lin

Hay Lin kept quiet more or less when Orube first joined the team, but she made it clear she preferred having Taranee in the team.[7] Nevertheless, she learned to get along with Orube, and even teamed up with both her and Taranee to take Ari down.[8]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Hay Lin as a teacher.[2]


We is a magical creature hailing from Basiliade and was first placed under Orube's care under Himerish's orders.[27] However, We initially caused Orube allergies.[citation needed]

Despite that, she brought him to her workplace at Heatherfield News, where her boss, Wally De Polly, took We to make him the mascot of their office.[19] While Orube was thankful no longer had to deal with the allergies, she missed him dearly because he made her less lonely at home.



Luba is Orube's teacher for her entire career[2][7] as a student in the Garden of Two Suns. Luba's words and beliefs strongly influenced Orube since she was a child, and when she died, Orube initially blamed the Guardians for her teacher's misfortune.[4] Even when Orube moved into Heatherfield, she still remembered Luba's teachings,[7] kept practicing in the nearby park every early morning the way she would spar with Luba, and sought the field of journalism, because like being a warrior, it is a way of life that requires a lot of passion.[2]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Luba as a teacher.[2]


Himerish might have also been Orube's teacher in Kandrakar, with Orube calling him "Master". He defended her from the Guardians' hostility when they attacked her personally[1] for being incapable of integrating into the group, which Irma suspected was because she was her teacher's pet. He also instructed for her to cohabit with the Guardians in Heatherfield for the meantime by living in Mrs. Rudolph's house and assuming the identity of her niece,[1] a task she would soon warm up to,[2] more or less.

When Yua took control of Orube's body, Himerish attempted to heal Orube,[7] but he was attacked instead.

When he lost his Oracleship, Orube sought him in Basiliade[16] and housed him while the Guardians regrouped and re-strategized.[28][29] She highly respects him, and frowns upon Irma's many nicknames for him.

After Cedric died, he allowed Orube to have the Book of Elements as a keepsake and fetched We from her to give her some privacy as she mourned for Cedric.[24]

Heatherfield affiliations

Matt Olsen

Matt received an uppercut from Orube as a first hello,[13] but it didn't ruin their eventual friendship. Matt helped Orube get accustomed to the pet shop job at the Olsen's, though it made Will rather very jealous.[30] Later on, Matt also helped Orube cover up for the girls when the Breath of Time stopped working.[17]

When Matt disappeared during the 5th Arc,[31] Orube correctly doubted Cedric as being involved in the crime. Later on, when the Guardians were sucked into the Book of Elements and arrived to the last chapter, seeing Matt almost drowning in ink added to Orube's sorrow.[24]

Raymond Fieldestein

Raymond, or Ray, is Orube's neighbor.[4][5] He appears to have stalking tendencies, as he would spy on Orube as she picked her clothes or did her business about with the Guardians. He proved to be useful sometimes, such as playing loud music to disturb the snooping Interpol agents[5] or helping Orube with redecorating Villa Rudolph.[27]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Raymond as a creative.[2]

Joshua Prescott

Joshua Prescott is a volunteer fireman[4] who also attends Heatherfield University as a journalism student. He usually responded whenever Orube had disasters in the kitchen.[2]

Josh brought Orube to William Korter's class, where she became inspired to be a journalist.[2] Josh then referred her to the Journalism Club of the university, which is headed by Isabel Pilgrim. Josh might or might not have imposed on Orube when he invited the club over to Orube's house, while she was busy recovering from being dazed.

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classifies Joshua as a creative. Orube also sees him as a "side-effect" from attending university.[2]

Isabel Pilgrim

Isabel Pilgrim is the editor-in-chief for Heatherfield University's school paper.[2] Josh implied her to be a rather strict and imposing leader, and Isabel proved to be an output-oriented realist, sometimes even a pessimist, especially that she pours her time, efforts, and passion into the school paper.[citation needed]

Isabel assigned Orube to find the thief who stole the staff's computers and was greatly worried that Orube might not even do the job, but she was impressed by Orube's skills and talents, thinking that Orube had used her assets way well than expected.[2]

Orube sees Isabel as a "side-effect" from attending university.[2]


Majid is a member of the Heatherfield University newspaper staff,[2] and is implied to be Isabel's second-in-command. While he fairly maintains an optimistic and agreeable demeanor, his negative emotions can appear in his actions.

His reaction to seeing Ambros Dale implies that the school paper's team and Ambros' side has some sort of bitter rivalry. Knowing Ambros was somehow scared of Orube assured Majid[2] that the staff's newbie was an ally.

Orube sees Majid as a "side-effect" from attending university.[2]

William Korter

William Korter is a journalism professor feared by many students due to his standards.[2] Even so, Orube finds him admirable.

After the main events in the Orube Special, Orube sent a letter to William Korter indicating her interest in joining the new Heatherfield News Magazine team. Korter found her application interesting and sent it to Wally de Polly, the editor-in-chief of the magazine. She approved of Orube's application and Korter delivered the good news to Orube.[2]

Ambros Dale

Ambros Dale is a rather obnoxious university student who imposed himself and his pride[2] upon Orube when they met. She made an impression on him when she hauled him about, partly in annoyance and partly to prove a point. From then on, he was intimidated by her.

Shortly after, Orube found an ominous letter to the newspaper staff from the thief, and by sniffing it, she tracked down the newspaper staff's missing computers and linked the theft to Ambros Dale.[2]

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Ambros as someone who interferes.[2]


Patty is the chef/baker running Patty's, perhaps a diner or a bakery that also sells meat, from where Orube tried to request for a custom-made vegetable pate daily, in pursuit of the Basiliadean meal gnuzal,[2] which she seems to favor a lot.

In Orube's first article, "The World Around Me", she classified Patty as someone who interferes.[2]


  • Due to her introduction and brash attitude, many characters (and fans) interpret her to be hostile and unfriendly altogether.
  • Orube and Cedric are counted as a couple on some of the comic issues' polls[32] and extra pages,[33][34] despite never officially ending up together. Cedric is even cited to be Orube's first, and maybe last, love in her How to Draw trivia pages.[35]
  • Orube was depicted by the Oracle to be a replacement Guardian and Keeper of the Heart, when Cornelia left the team to be with Caleb in the Caleb and Cornelia Special, with Will becoming the Guardian of Earth. Orube wore Will's Guardian robes and was rather diplomatic.[36] This scenario does not contradict the moment when Taranee left the team, as Taranee's resignation had only been temporary.
  • Orube's favorite food is the gnuzal, a native dish in Basiliade.[2]
  • Orube was not part of the TV series cast, especially since the TV series only covered the first and second arcs. Curiously, a character who is suspiciously similar to her, Miranda, was made to be Cedric's lover.
  • Miranda from the TV series is also believed by many fans to be based on Orube, due to Miranda's similar appearance and status as Cedric's lover. Some even consider Miranda to be Orube's "evil" counterpart.
  • Orube was once depicted to be the face of Tony Stark's AI, Friday, because the artist wanted a shout-out and tribute to his girlfriend, who reportedly loves Orube's character. Orube's character designer Daniela Vetro was rather pleased to know.[37] This is also a perfectly legal move as Disney had acquired Marvel by then.


Images of Orube.


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