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Portals are holes in the veil that appeared between Earth and Meridian. They can be opened by Elyon or the Heart of Kandrakar when it absorbed the Seal of Phobos. After the veil was lowered in the TV series, the portals "went poof" and folding was used to traverse worlds.


TV series

The final portal in the series

The Portals were blue and circular and could appear anywhere in a world even Underwater.


TV series

The portals were used throughout Season 1 of the TV series and two episodes of Season 2 for characters to travel between Earth and Meridian. The last portal to appear was Purple and was created by the Oracle to summon the Guardians to Kandrakar. Similar ones were used to summon Yan Lin, The Mage, Caleb, Elyon and Blunk.


The W.I.T.C.H. girls had to close all twelve portals and stop Phobos. Yan Lin gave Hay Lin a map of portals that showed the location of a portal after they found it.[1]

Later, The Last Portal was opened in Ye Olde Bookshop's basement which allowed the W.I.T.C.H. girls to communicate with Kandrakar.[2]