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The Pumpkin Heart is a magical object from the W.I.T.C.H. Halloween Special Issue.


While the W.I.T.C.H. girls were partying on Halloween, Cornelia and Lilian discovered a mysterious forest and found the Laughing Tree. Cornelia noticed that the tree has a heart and touched it. When the dance troupe of nightmares appeared, she and Lilian immediately left. The Fairy then discovered how to eradicate the nightmares and finally put an end to Halloween. She stole the heart and hid it inside her house. This caused the nightmares to lose their ability to be seen by the naked eye and were therefore unable to frighten the humans.[1]

After the nightmares and the Guardians met, they decided to team up for the search of the stolen heart. When they confronted the Fairy, she stabbed the heart, causing people to temporarily forget the existence of Halloween. In the end, the heart was restored back to the Laughing Tree, ensuring the survival of the nightmares and the existence of Halloween.[1]


If the Guardians were unable to return the heart before morning, all the nightmares would have been erased and Halloween would have lost its place in the world.[1]