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The Pumpkin Prince is a supporting character in the W.I.T.C.H. Halloween Special Issue.


A Nightmare

When the W.I.T.C.H. girls encountered the nightmares, they were alarmed by the Heart of Kandrakar and so, the girls attacked the nightmares thinking that the monsters were a threat. The Pumpkin Prince stepped in and told the girls that the nightmares were not doing anything wrong. He explained that the nightmares were supposed to look ugly because it's their role to frighten during Halloween.[1]


He also explained that people should be able to see them during the occasion, but it hasn't happened because something has happened to the core of the nightmares, and because the Guardians were special, they were the only humans who were able to see these creatures. He later explained that Halloween was in danger because someone who hates Halloween stole the Pumpkin Heart.[1]

Together with the girls, he confronted the culprit and was badly injured when the Fairy stabbed the Pumpkin Heart. After the Fairy was defeated, he and the rest of the nightmares returned to the Laughing Tree.[1]

Powers and abilities

Baby Toad

Nightmares are creatures of the night that scare people to achieve the balance between beauty and ugliness. These creatures come from a world inside the Laughing Tree. They call themselves the Terrifying Eternal Dance Troupe.[1]

Two-Headed Ogre

It is implied that Pumpkin Prince was their ruler, because of his name, and because the Laughing Tree bears the symbol of the Pumpkin. He also is seen predominantly interacting with the Guardians unlike the rest of his kind. Other notable nightmares were Baby Toad, the Two-Headed Ogre and the Wolfman.