Q is for Quarry is the 17th Episode of the 2nd Season and the  43rd episode overall  of W.I.T.C.H. It first aired October 7, 2006.


W.I.T.C.H. pursue Nerissa and her Knights of Destruction on Zamballa, unknowingly falling in her trap, and losing Kadma and the Heart of Zamballa in the process.

In the B-story, Will meets her father's girlfriend, Serena Sanchez, and thinks she's another Nerissa's disguise, and she hires Blunk to spy on Serena.


  • For the past few episodes the girls have been wearing sweaters, pants, and boots. They are also seen at the school for class again meaning a year has passed and it is autumn time again.
  • Kadma teaches Cornelia the art of Green Speaking in this episode.
  • As of this episode Yan-Lin is the only former Guardian not to have been corrupted by Nerissa


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