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Queen Weira Escanor is the former Queen of Meridian and Prince Phobos' and Elyon's mother. Her husband and consort was Zayden.



It is not made clear how Weira and her husband died, but sometimes she comes to Elyon in spirit form to guide her[1][2][3] which suggests she is dead or using Astral Projection.

TV series

Season One

When Princess Weira was a young girl, she followed a butterfly out into the woods and got lost. The Mage then created the Star of Threbe to locate the princess, and also to block the powers of everything that might hurt her, and guide her home safely. After Weira was found, her father disposed of the Star in a volcano to prevent their enemies from using it against them. However, years later, the Star was found by her son Phobos and used to find his younger sister.[4]

Season Two

Weira appeared in a vision seen by Queen Elyon, from the memories of Trill, which depicted her as "cold and unloving" towards her newborn daughter and also favoring Phobos. This was revealed to have been a mere fabrication created by Nerissa, who was posing as Trill, to get Queen Elyon to hand over the powers of the Heart of Meridian willingly.[5]

Powers and abilities

Weira is implied to have been the past Light/Heart of Meridian. Since the role of Light of Meridian is only for the females of the royal family, it could suggest that Weira has the same powers as Elyon.



Chapter books


  • The TV series showed a young Weira as a red-haired child in Season 1, but during Season 2 when Elyon and Trill went to the meditation chambers Weira was shown as blonde. In the comics, Weira is also shown to have red hair.
  • In the flashback told by Yan Lin, when Weira was guided back to her family, she was dressed as a peasant and not a princess, however Yan Lin did say that she was the heir of the throne.
  • In the TV series, Elyon's mother's name is Weira, but in the comic book, her name is not given at all.