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Quint essence, the fifth element. The ancient sages described it exactly like electricity. They believed it could be found in lightning. But they also called it the stuff of life, like bio-electricity. Quintessence has the power to make things come alive.

Taranee explaining the nature of Quintessence to her fellow Guardians in the TV series, K is for Knowledge

Quintessence in the season 2 of the TV series or energy or pure life energy in the comics, is the fifth element wielded by the fifth and last Guardian who typically leads them.

Fifth element

Symbol of Quintessence

Quintessence is the fifth element that binds the four classical elements: water, fire, earth, and air together. It is the strongest and most powerful element in the series, apart from the element of pure Light, which is bestowed upon Elyon, and one of the most diverse, regarding its effects.[citation needed]

Quintessence allows the Guardian who possesses it a wide range of mystical abilities and talents. For instance, she can open and close portals in time and space, unite the four elements of nature, and bestow life just as easily as she can take it away with its destructive force.

The user is also granted an assortment of powerful psychic abilities and greatly strengthened physical attributes. Such great power and strength placed in the wrong hands could lead to total disaster, as shown with Nerissa, a Guardian who became drunk with the immense power that the Heart of Kandrakar granted her as the leader of the Guardians.[1]

Quintessence in the TV series

Quintessence is controlled and manipulated by Will Vandom, one of the new Guardians. Nerissa, the previous Keeper of the Heart, was also endowed with this element and is far much more experienced in using it to its full and maximum potential. Unlike the comics where their powers are colored pink, in the TV series, the abilities of the Heart of Kandrakar are restricted to this color whilst the abilities gained from quintessence are blue-white:

  • Superhuman condition
    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman speed
    • Regenerative healing factor
  • Electrical energy creation and manipulation:
    • Manipulate and control all types of electrical energy
    • Energy blasts
    • Energy rays
    • Energy bursts
    • Force fields
    • Energy waves/pulses
    • Lightning control
    • Patch into radio signals
    • Electrical charge/discharge
    • Create shields and force-fields of electrical energy
  • Quintessence manipulation and control
    • Aetherkinesis
      • Aether generation
      • Life-energy manipulation: Manipulate the many forms of pure life-force energy to an extreme level.
  • Life-based abilities:
    • Life-force manipulation
      • Animation and reanimation
      • Life infusion
      • Life-force attacks
      • Life-force aura
      • Life-force constructs
      • Life-force conversion
      • Life-force empowerment
      • Life-force generation
      • Life-force merging
      • Regenerative capabilities
      • Detect the presence of spirits and supernatural beings
      • Resurrection of the spirits of the deceased, if one's strength is greatly amplified
  • Extrasensory perception
    • Guardian tracking via the Aurameres
    • Telepathy
    • Truth/lie detection
    • Telepathy/empathy with animals
    • Illusion immunity

Besides control over Quintessence, a Guardian leader's standard abilities are:

  • Winged flight (TV series and post New Power upgrade)
  • Glamouring (shapeshifting and transformational magic)
  • Teleportation over long distances (called "teletransporting")

Customarily, the Guardian of Quintessence is selected as the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar (unless they become corrupt, like Nerissa), thus enhancing or adding to their elemental abilities, such as:

  • Releasing a blinding pink light from the Heart
  • Channeling the magic of the Aurameres into the Heart and enter the Guardians, initiating their transformation
  • Creating Astral Drops
  • Revealing the true form of another
  • Opening and close holes in the Veil
  • Opening whitish-blue oval-shaped folds in time and space
  • Uniting the Guardians with the command: "Guardians Unite!"
  • Reverting the Guardians to their human form using the command "Change Back!"
  • Reveal the true form of another magical being
  • Conjuration of objects
  • Object duplication
  • Environmental manipulation
  • Creating portals to other worlds


  • Nerissa - a previous Guardian leader who has possessed this fifth elemental ability since her youth.
  • Will Vandom - the current Guardian leader to possess the power over white-blue lightning/electricity and life itself. For some reason, in the TV series, it did not develop until the eventual lowering of the ancient Veil.
  • Prince Phobos (temporarily)- via the Seal of Nerissa.
  • Lord Cedric (temporarily)- via the Seal of Nerissa.




And the last place, the most difficult to define.


You're talking about my power.                

Issue 055: The Day After

My power was always undefined, fleeting- Like the imagination!

TV series

Season 2


Did I just...?


Shoot lightning? Explains why you're so static-y all the time.                

And, uh...Lighting.

There's the new lightning thing, and I started bringing electrical appliances to life.


She's got my lightning power?

That's the word that hag used to attack us.

The nymph Xin Jing had a power, too.

Quintessence has the power to make things come alive.

Kinda like me- Throwing lightning bolts, talking toasters! My power sounds exactly like Quintessence.


The fifth Guardian gets the fifth element.

What doesn't make sense is that the sorceress has the same powers, only hers are the extra strength version.

Why don't you pick on someone to your own power?

We might have Quintessence! ...It's working. Kind of.

Still learning.


  • In the comics and chapter books, Will had the power of energy; not just whitish-blue lightning/electricity infused with life-force energy. Will's magic was colored pink/fuchsia.
  • The symbol is similar to the "Yin-Yang" symbol, which, when the two halves are combined, represents the entire Universe.
  • In other versions of fantasy, this fifth element can also be called Aether.
    • Aether is the very source and lifeblood essence of pure life energy, light, magic, and life itself. Its opposing element is nether, the sixth element that represents pure darkness, shadows, evil and death itself.