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R is for Relentless is the eighteenth episode of season 2, and the forty-fourth episode overall of the TV series.


The girls are trying to protect Yan Lin, the last remaining former Guardian, by hiding her in a cave, but the Knights of Destruction discover their hiding place. So W.I.T.C.H. then decide to hide her in plain sight - in Sheffield's cafeteria!

However. the Knights of Destruction and Nerissa chase Hay Lin, Yan Lin and Blunk from one dimension to another. While Nerissa and Hay Lin fight, Halinor, disguised as the principal, takes Yan Lin away to Nerissa's cell on Mount Thanos, where W.I.T.C.H. then reunite.

Nerissa attempts many times to get Yan Lin to join her, but she refuses. Hay Lin frantically battles Nerissa for Yan Lin's freedom, and succeeds. Hay Lin is then once again at peace knowing her Grandma is safe.

In the B-story, Hay Lin has a bad luck when her Chinese cookies don't contain her future, however in the end it is revealed that Blunk removed the papers, thinking they were a choking hazard. Hay Lin in the end picks one that says "The future is in your hands..."



  • When Nerissa tries to convince Yan Lin to join her in Mount Thanos, Kadma can be seen holding the Heart of Zamballa in its original form, despite it being fused into the Seal of Nerissa.

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