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Ragorlang are creatures summoned by Tecla Ibsen in the eponymous Arc 6 of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


Ragorlang are large purple semi-humanoid creatures with black markings running across their bodies.


Tecla Ibsen used ragorlang to harness life force for her in hopes of living forever. The more energy the creatures get, the younger Tecla looks: when W.I.T.C.H. defeated the ragorlang Tecla appears wrinkled and looks older than expected, but after she sucked Hay Lin's energy she appeared as a young woman with orange hair. The creatures attacked the Guardians, and even managed to infect Hay Lin, turning her temporarily into a ragorlang.[1]

Tecla Isben at different stages.

Edward Folkner had a box that has the ability to capture ragorlangs. W.I.T.C.H. suspected him of working with Tecla and searched his house and the only thing they took was the box. To show him that he shouldn't mess with them they gave him a demonstration of their powers.[2] Later, he transformed into a ragorlang-human mix using the box full of ragorlangs that he got back from the group of girls.[3]

Powers & abilities

They feed on raw life force, incapacitating their victims in a psychic lock while they draw energy through their gaping mouth. Ragorlang are dangerous and stealthy creatures, and are capable of making their bodies shift between solid, liquid, and gaseous states at will, making them extremely dangerous foes in combat. Ragorlangs are said to have existed on earth for eons, but rarely appear unless summoned.In rare cases, ragorlangs can turn a victim into a ragorlang themselves.[citation needed]

You can tell if someone is or was infected by their eyes.[2]